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Song Review: “Forever Love” by Mew Suppasit

Thai artist Mew Suppasit has released his brand new single “Forever Love.” This is a song that will speak to anyone who enjoys Thai music, as well as anyone who appreciates South Korean R&B music. The track features vocals from South Korean R&B artist Bumkey and anyone who enjoys energetic and uptempo songs for social gatherings should give “Forever Love” a listen.

“Forever Love” opens with a soft piano synth. Shortly afterward, a quick electronic drum solo leads to a transition into the lyrics. In the first verse, Mew Suppasit sings, “Remember the waves when we were sailing down that open ocean.” This line will immediately speak to listeners, enhancing nostalgic summer emotions.

Listeners will likely pick up on the fact that the first verse is set in the past tense, such that all the fun summer moments he sings of is just a memory now. After this verse, he transitions to the present tense. In this, memorable lyrics such as “can’t make it out if I’m dead or I’m living” will stick with listeners. It becomes clear that his current situation is not the same as his past. In the chorus, Mew Suppasit begins to worry about drowning “in these deeper waters,” further shifting away from his carefree past. He noticeably is singing of the water in many different ways, first nostalgic about sailing on waves and now scared of drowning.

In addition to the song, Mew Suppasit has already released a music video for “Forever Love.” This music video enhances the experience of the song by giving viewers a visual interpretation of its meaning. The music video starts with someone looking out a window and then down at their phone on social media. It quickly cuts to a scene of a bunch of young people hanging out on a boat in the ocean.

Other memorable scenes in this music video include a car driving down a road, dancing on the beach and at an outdoor bar, and having a pillow fight in a hotel room. The entire video encapsulates what the best days of summer feel like, matching the upbeat tone of both beats. Mew Suppasit chose this video to depict the part of his life where fun is being had, rather than the present part where he wonders why it all went away.

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