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Solar Professionals Leap To Zale Solar Over Lead Generation Troubles

Solar professionals facing lead generation troubles are handing over the responsibility to Zale Solar, an in-demand marketing agency founded by Nathan Zale, tailored towards the solar industry needs. Zale Solar caught widespread traction for its Solar Authority™ service that provides solar companies, teams and reps with a consistent flow of high-calibre appointments with qualified leads weekly. This way, its solar clients can focus on other demanding tasks the industry puts forth, reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, they rest assured specialists cover the front end of their marketing.

With the rise of agencies in the last few years, marketers are constantly upping the ante on their flashy advertising. Zale Solar prefer to keep it simple and let the results speak for themselves. Their clients either have trouble with lead generation, or their established clients desire more leads. Zale Solar has a team of 60 experts, resources, the Solar Authority™ service, connections, and reputation for brushing away the lead generation troubles and making the desire for more leads a reality, so there’s no need for flash. And I say this because it leads me to my next topic, results. Perhaps the main reason Zale Solar has seen a boom in business is results. It most likely is. They add 3-5+ deals to your pipeline every month, and the confidence stems from the intricately put together service named Solar Authority™ that’s composed of three main steps, steps they take on your behalf to rake in appointments;

Step 1: First, Zale Solar’s leads are qualified based on credit, budget & timeframe primarily. However, you can determine the benchmarks of a quality lead by adding your criteria, so you’re dealing with only the highest quality of prospects that fit your preferences. Prospects are found through prominent platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, and LinkedIn. You get the gist. Jack of all trades, master at none? Wrong. According to their website, Zale Solar are premier marketing partners of Google, Facebook marketing partners and Linkedin pro finders, so it’s more of a jack of all trades master of all.

Step 2: Now you have a lineup of excellent quality leads likely to close, Zale Solar initiate authority positioning. They routinely position you like the creme de la creme solar professional daily until the leads ask for a contract, ink and feather to sign (not really, but that would be cool) until they ask for more details, a phone call, let’s say.

Step 3: Zale runs their qualifying system through the leads that have stepped forward from step one, narrowing them down to the best fit, so your time doesn’t get wasted, and you can take each call with as high of a percentage chance of closing as possible.

Zale Solar has carved out its place in the solar space for the foreseeable future, and I see Zale Solar’s success continuing to snowball as they alleviate the lead generation pressures on solar professionals nationwide.