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Sobia A Shaikh talks about the bts of her blog Shaikhen And Stirred:

Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, Sobia A. Shaikh holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising. She worked in advertising at Young & Rubicam for 6 years until she moved to San Francisco in 1997.   Soon after moving to San Francisco, Sobia began her career as a fashion entrepreneur, starting by launching a custom clothing line called “Rhung” drawing upon her Pakistani heritage. Over the next 7 years, she started & ran ISLY Handbags, a handbag line that was carried in stores and boutiques across the country and was featured in publications such as The New York Times, InStyle, People, C Magazine, PopSugar, SFGATE and more. She now runs her own social media marketing business and authors the popular blog.

She launched her personal blog on her website, Her aim is to post about lifestyle, events, fashion, food, décor, travel, beauty & other aesthetically pleasing aspects of her life. Her intention is not to compete with anyone or making any statements, but simply just to share her life with the world. It has now rapidly turned into a business as people have started viewing it.

Sobia is also regarded as a much-celebrated influencer. She resided in Pakistan and London before moving to San Francisco, and bring a rich cultural perspective and worldview informed by the time she had spent in different parts of the world. She is a fixture in the San Francisco social scene and is regarded as a trendsetter with her unique sense of style. Other than that, she travels extensively and attending Fashion Weeks in New York & Paris which have further cemented her role as an international lifestyle influencer.

One of the biggest challenges she faced to date is the lack of seriousness that can be affiliated with her line of work. Just one post can take a lot of work. And when she created her Reels Videos, it took at least 5-6 hours for one 30 sec. video. But somehow it is perceived as something glamorous and thus almost trivial by a lot of people. People do not recognize how much time and effort she is putting into it. Thereby, she used every ounce of her dedication and devotion. She also remained consistent with patience throughout the whole process.

There is a lot more to know about Sobia A Shaikh and she is definitely a person who must be lauded for all she does. To know more, follow her on:

Instagram: @sobiaashaikh  

Facebook: Sobia A. Shaikh/Shaikhenandstirred 


Twitter: sobia_a_shaikh