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Smith Shop founder Dr Adam talks about providing value pharmaceuticals and charity work

Dr Adam is the founder and president of Smtith Shop, one of the largest suppliers of medications in the region, and he manages 6 physical pharmacy locations across south-east Asia. With over 20 years of experience in the retail pharmacy field, Dr Adam has also worked as an osteopathic doctor in Germany as well as advising WHO (World Health organization) on issues of nutrition, with a specific focus on preventing malnutrition in poor communities through the local cultivation and harvesting of low-cost food.

Dr Adam was generous enough to answer some questions about his experiences.

What made you start a career in pharmaceutical medicine?

During my numerous travels abroad, I saw first-hand how powerful essential medications can be, especially for those living in poorer areas who may have never previously had access to a treatment that you take for granted. For someone living in an impoverished community, a cream used to soothe the skin can seem like a miracle product sent from above.

it’s all about perspective. My goal from the beginning have been to help more people access better medicine and treatments, which is why I founded Smith Shop in the first place.

After 20 years in the online pharmacy business, what have you learnt?

As a business owner, you should keep in mind that business will go up and down according to season and other factors. However, regardless of what year it is or what’s happening in the world, customers expect the same level of excellence from your service as you have always provided. If you can’t keep up with what customers demand and expect, you won’t be able to do business for very long.

So Think Big or do not think at all.  If you’re going to think anything, you might as well think big. That’s the golden rule in this business.

Why did you decide to move away from a dedicated website towards a more direct mail-order approach?

Money was never a big motivation except as a way to keep food on the table. The real excitement is seeing the results of our charity work around the region, and helping our clients receive their medications.

Could you specify a bit more on why you are operating directly through mail?

Part of being a winner is knowing when to make a change and occasionally you have to adjust your desired goals and plan – Advance to something that’s more fruitful and rewarding in the long run.  And that’s exactly what we did.

I assume those changes (web to direct e-mail) will benefit your customers?

Correct. these changes has allowed us to reduce overheads and then pass these savings onto our customers. This is why we have managed to remain one of the most affordable choices for bulk shipping of medications around the world.

Your company adds 30% extra meds when an order is paid for in Bitcoin. Why ? 

Money is not a big motivator for Smith Shop, but taken into account the fact that bitcoin will likely raise to $300.000- $500.000 within a  couple of years , theres no reason not to be generous towards our customers when an order is paid for in bitcoin.

In your opinion, will bitcoin price keep going up?

There will be pullbacks as there has been in the past. However, Theres multiple reason to why bitcoin will keep rising in the long run.

A more exact figure of the future bitcoin price?  and do you HODL bitcoin?

It takes tremendous intelligence and smarts to be able to accurately predict the future price of bitcoin, but those who have experience regarding the factors influencing bitcoin price tend to have a target price of above $300.000, within a few years.    With that said, as a medication supplier we do not encourage trading in bitcoin, nor do we keep the majority our funds in bitcoin.

I have made a great deal of though decisions, always with an eye toward factors that could possibly influence the outcome, but as a business our funds are distributed as salaries, to charities and so on.

What are your recommendations for those bitcoin collectors out there?

For the regular crypto/ bitcoin-enthusiast ,not selling bitcoin (or ‘hodling’ as the youths call it) should never be a tough choice in 2020.  Blockchain and bitcoin has a great future.

What are your company’s main objectives?

The main objectives of our company are to keep advancing and make bulk shipping of prescription medications easy, affordable and safe for the general public.

How are your company recruiting new employees, and making sure customers goods are not confiscated by customs?

We have recently hired more employees and improved our boxed packaging so that we can fulfill orders faster, and with much less safety concerns.  Customers do not need to be concerned about merchandise being damaged in transit.

Did the hiring of new staff improve sales?

Yes! We won a victory with those recent improvements. The majority of profits going to charities.

What about safety of shipping?   Could customer’s medications be intercepted in any way?

When ordering from Smith Shop, there’s no reason to worry about your goods being intercepted by customs.  Smith Shop is a registered business and a valid prescription is sent along with all orders.

Can you tell us more about your charity work?

My charity work over the years has been focused fighting malnutrition in impoverished communities through the creation and farming of low-cost food crops. These crops allow everyone in the community to get adequate nutrition from a basic staple they can mass produce so that starvation is never a problem for them ever again.

When people in a community can safely guarantee their basic needs through strategies like this, it gives them more time to experiment, educate and innovate. Communities can begin to thrive and grow when they are able to ensure nobody are malnourished or suffering from the effects of starvation.

Any ongoing projects?

Yes, our company are currently assisting in the process of building three huge housing communities (incl tallest building in the region) for impoverished children. We got the first block of houses up in record time and TSmith Shop will continue to advance in the future. And that’s the way it’s going to be.

Any final words?

Thanks goes out to our wonderful workforce. I couldn have accomplished this without you!

Together we built a great company, one of the -leaders within the Online Pharmacy industry, but it’s time to show the whole world that Smith Shop is better, Stronger and more committed to serve our customers than ever before!