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Slo-brew Botanical? It’s a Slo-brew Science

Discover the next level botanical formula clinically proven and freshly made

Our first question comes to mind: is Natural, Clean Beauty Better?

While there are obvious benefits to choosing clean beauty products, it’s important to note that natural doesn’t automatically equal safe or effective. There’s an obvious need for natural skincare formulas to be backed by scientific research and rigorous lab testing.

This need begins at the ingredient level. Some natural ingredients can cause adverse skin reactions when used or processed incorrectly. Take essential oils, for example. Essential oils are potent compounds that, although plant-derived and considered beneficial, can disrupt the skin barrier, causing irritation and breakouts. Raw natural ingredients such as fruit and botanical extracts can also provoke adverse skin reactions. The potential for skin reactions is why natural products undergo a more in-depth formulation and testing process than those made with synthetic ingredients.

Another issue is the lack of a definitive global standard for so-called “natural” beauty products; any brand can claim its products are all-natural. Furthermore, the beauty industry is self-regulated, which can also drive false “clean beauty” claims.

It’s clear that nature and science must partner up within the clean beauty industry. But how to strike a balance between pure and refined, and between ethical and clinical?

How Nature and Science Can Work in Harmony

One skincare brand pioneering a nature-meets-science approach is Slo-brew Botanical. The Tokyo-based brand produces skincare solutions that are rich in nourishing, active plant-based ingredients. Extensive research into Japanese skincare traditions has led the brand to uncover the most effective ingredients – and the best methods for harnessing their power.

Slo-brew Botanical

Among Slo-brew Botanical’s star ingredients is Yuzu, an Asian citrus fruit that packs a punch in terms of skin rejuvenation. Yuzu contains high amounts of vitamin C, making it a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals to promote a youthful complexion. Yuzu also brings balance to stressed-out skin, delivering intense hydration while controlling excess oil and bacteria to combat acne breakouts. Additionally, Yuzu helps to stimulate collagen production, which leaves aging complexions supple, radiant, and wrinkle-free.

Slo-brew Botanical takes the defining values of clean beauty – “natural”, “healthy”, and “sustainable” – as a guiding philosophy, then builds on them with a high standard of scientific research and production. The brand’s products are driven by expert R&D, innovative technology, stringent testing, and countless clinical trials. Science sits harmoniously alongside compassion; the brand employs nature-friendly organic farming methods and produces cruelty-free products that contain no animal ingredients.

A New Way of Crafting Effective Clean Beauty Products

Unique to Slo-brew Botanical is a complex 72-hour fermenting process that uses heat and pressure, thereby eliminating the need for chemicals. Fermentation turns the base ingredients into a source of probiotics that target skin issues at a biological level. Creating skincare products in this way, with nutrient-dense fermented organic Yuzu, positions Slo-brew Botanical at the forefront of the clean beauty industry.

Using a slow fermenting process ensures the active ingredients are extracted at their highest potency. It also keeps the extracts fresh, allowing for a four-month shelf life without the addition of chemical preservatives. The fresher the extracts, the more nutrients they retain and the more effective they are at improving the skin.

Naturally, the quality of the raw ingredients determines the quality of the extracts. For that reason, Slo-brew Botanical manages and harvests its organic Yuzu farms using traditional Japanese Bonsai techniques. It’s a method that works for people and the land; taking time to nurture the earth and the Yuzu trees yields fruits that offer maximum benefits for the skin. Dramatic but short-lived effects on the skin are not the goal, but rather true skin health with long-lasting, real results.

To guarantee their safety and effectiveness, Slo-brew Botanical’s products undergo hundreds of independent lab tests in Japan. The products are shipped each month from Tokyo to New York, transported in bulk by air to preserve their freshness. The result is a new standard in clean beauty: safe, effective skincare made with natural, professional-grade active ingredients and accredited with a 0.0 irritation rating.

Raising the Clean Beauty Bar for People and Planet

“Clean” is clearly the future of beauty, but the industry certainly has room for improvement. As consumers become more health- and eco-conscious, brands must step up and support their natural beauty products with science. Brands that remain committed to using natural ingredients, while investing in clinical research and testing, will be driving innovation and delivering the results that consumers expect.

Slo-brew Botanical has found a unique way to raise the clean beauty bar. There’s no self-aggrandizing story behind the brand, just knowledge, ethics, and products that speak for themselves. The brand’s considered approach, where nature and tradition meet cutting-edge science, is the key to creating gentle, natural, clean beauty products with clinically proven benefits.