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Singing sensations Gurinder baasi and Raman dandyan leading all the way

Gurinder baasi & Raman dandyan, the Indian singer duo, has been deeply involved in releasing new musical pieces over the last year with their total number of tracks touching a massive number over just one year.

The dynamic duo has been recently recognized as the face of singing in India while appearing on the cover of the well-known Spotify playlist. They have been known to experiment with their musical creations and their working style, carving out a new path for themselves.

Their rise in the music space seems to have taken place due to their consistent singles every month for the past year. Their fans and music listeners alike have appreciated the efforts and that has translated to the immense growth of listeners for them.

By releasing tracks with their own pace and planning, the duo has managed to cover a lot of their musical ambitions touching numerous genres while maintaining their signature sound. While some may agree that it is better to release music with patience such as releasing one album in an average of two years, the duo has always thought quite the opposite.  Gurinder baasi & Raman dandyan believe in rotation and staying disciplined with their songs.

Gurinder baasi plans to incorporate more electronic sounds this year in new, innovative ways so that the listeners can experience the fusion of Indian sounds once again in 2021. “There is very little time and a lot of content we want to put out this year as we progress to a newer, more profound songs. We hope we can deliver exactly what our fans and listeners are expecting from us.”

Raman dandyan, confirms the same “Our sound is evolving as fast as we are as individual artists. We will keep trying new things so that both our audience and we are hooked on this new fusion sound. It is never about the number of releases for us. The initial songs have happened organically, with almost no creative push needed. We have just been following our inner ambitions.”