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Sherry Denny: A Journey from Northern California to Network Marketing Maven

Sherry Denny’s story is one of resilience, entrepreneurial spirit, and the transformative power of network marketing. Growing up in Northern California in a family struggling with poverty, Sherry learned the value of hard work early on. Her childhood days were spent picking mistletoe from oak trees to sell for 25 cents, a humble beginning that fueled her entrepreneurial drive. This spirit led her to pursue creative ways to earn, including sewing and selling handmade items.

However, Sherry’s path was not one of immediate success. Disillusioned with college, she made a bold move at 18, on her own, relocating to Alaska with nothing but a suitcase and a hope for change. Her Alaskan adventure was diverse: from fishing on a 53-foot boat to working in a bakery and city town positions. During this time, Sherry married and became a mother to four children.

The turning point in Sherry’s life came with her divorce and the start of her second journey in network marketing. Before this, she had launched a few successful spa stores in Alaska, generating over a million dollars in the first eight months. But it was a chance encounter with a man who walked into her spa business and introduced her to network marketing again, that reshaped her destiny.

After the split from her husband, who took over the spa business, Sherry moved to, as we call it here in Alaska, “The Lower 48” to continue her network marketing career. Her dedication and skill saw her rise rapidly in her first viable company, reaffirming her belief and her capabilities in the industry.

In March 2020, amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sherry returned to Alaska. It was during this period that she joined APLGO, a decision that profoundly impacted her life. APLGO not only taught Sherry the importance of a positive mindset but also helped her realize her potential in helping others. Her role in APLGO brought her even more opportunities to speak publicly, boosting her confidence and, in turn, empowering her team.

Sherry’s success with APLGO was swift and significant. Within 45 days, she cleared her debt to the IRS, a testament to the power of the right network marketing opportunity. Her current team at APLGO, having helped over 500 people create additional sources of income, reflects her commitment to empowering others to believe in themselves and their abilities.

Her goals are as ambitious as they are heartwarming. Sherry aspires to dive into her bucket list of goals and purchase a motorhome, travel to visit her children, and help as many people as possible through her work with APLGO. Her daily motivation is the opportunity to give back and help others succeed in their health, financial situations, and lives.

Sherry’s advice to those starting in network marketing is profound yet straightforward: believe in yourself, understand that anything is possible, teach others to lead, and consistently follow up on your goals. These principles, coupled with her gratitude towards influencers like “Big Al” Tom Shrieder, Michael Bernoff, her mentors and forever best friends, Tina and Kelly, and her entire team, have been central to her more than three-decade-long journey in the industry.

Sherry Denny’s story is more than a tale of personal success; it’s a beacon of hope and a roadmap for anyone seeking to transform their lives through entrepreneurship and network marketing. Her journey from a young girl in Northern California to a worldwide network marketing leader in Alaska is a powerful reminder of the impact one person can make when they combine hard work, resilience, and a huge heart to help others. 

As Sherry continues her journey with APLGO ( she invites you to reach out and join her on this incredible adventure! She is open and willing to help you attain your goals, no matter how small or large you may dream, Sherry has the experience to get you there.