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Shecky is bringing the rap industry to Canada:

Shecky is a very popular name in the music industry of Canada. He is a talented rapper and musician who specializes in the Hip Hop genre. He was born in Senegal, Africa and moved to Canada in his early years. From his childhood years, Shecky was very fond of music, specifically rap music. It took a serious transformation into a profession in his teenage years. He chose ‘Shecky’ to be his stage name whereas his birth name was actually Thierno Abdou.  He had decided to pursue his musical journey very seriously in his early years. Social media was his primary mode to gain exposure. It worked to his advantage as it gave birth to countless opportunities which made him what he is today. 

His songs and creations are available on almost all important platforms. These range from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime, Napster, etcetera. His rapping skills have garnered quite some crowd. Shecky’s rap albums and music had created a lot of buzz in the initial years itself. The fame and love the audience offered are very evidently projected through the number of views he got on his music albums. Thus, he became a sensation in Montreal, Canada in no time. His recognition and status further elevated with time.

Through social media platforms, Shecky has successfully turned viewers and listeners into his fans and followers. The list of his hit tracks includes titles such as Donne ca, Billet, Success, Lala-Lala, Dis-Leur, How Many Times, Coup de Coeur, Zik2k20, From the Write Side of the Tracks album, Donne ca, O.G single, Lettre à la république, etcetera. In fact, he has over 6000 monthly listeners on Spotify. His latest single is ‘Billet’, on which he collaborated with BM Jaay. It was released this year. 

“I feel like I am single-handedly bringing back a genre into Canadian hip hop culture that we all miss from our instincts.” Quoted Shecky. The young artist wasn’t born with a silver spoon and has never had a background of influence. Wherever he has reached today has been due to his hard work and patience. 

As of now, Shecky has over 11.9K followers on Instagram and around 13.6K YouTube subscribers, with an average view count of 1 million views on his videos. The 26-year-old has been inspiring many people through his journey and humble lifestyle. We wish him more success.

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