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Shane Pace: The man and the mind behind the transformations of many in the online fitness world.

He is a passionate fitness trainer and businessman who has the Be Elit3 online training platform and other fitness apparel and supplements brand to his credit.

Isn’t it amazing to learn about all those individuals who started something for their passion and turned the same into a full-fledged profession for themselves? Well, there are many people in this world who have tried to go with the flow in life and accept all those challenges and opportunities that could help them learn something new each day, which they can implement in their lives to become better professionals and even individuals. Shane Pace’s life story is just the same, who began with finding passion in AFL football, as a kid in Melbourne, Australia and then went deeper into the sport to discover his love for fitness.

Today, this passionate football player is a professional online fitness trainer and businessman who has tried to give in his best in every endeavour he has been a part of. His constant goal to ace the game at whatever he touches in life has truly turned Shane Pace into one of the leading names in the entrepreneurial and fitness industry, growing with his online training platform called The Be Elit3. Shane Pace, through his life journey, teaches what passion should really mean to people. Having a passion for something, like he has had for football, would make the individuals push their limits and help them learn something every day.

It depends on people what they choose to learn and then put in all their efforts to emerge as one of the best in the game. Playing football was Shane Pace’s passion since he was 12 years of age. Playing and practicing each day honed his skills as a teenager football player and even helped him to win the best and fairest medals as the league’s best player. His passion also allowed him to get selected in the top 25 players in the state to represent Victoria in the Australian Championships.

The world of fitness had every early attracted him when he trained hard at the sport like an athlete. Shane Pace understood the significance of health and fitness and decided to be a part of the same to transform people’s bodies and instill confidence in them. This led to the emergence of his online training platform called The Be Elit3, which is today one of the biggest online training platforms worldwide.

Shane Pace has turned into a passionate businessman with two other fitness brands to his credit; one is a fitness apparel brand named Tankdwear and the other is a supplement brand named Uncensored Supplements. Shane Pace’s prominence has increased rapidly and his Instagram has more than 850K followers, which makes it the fastest-growing fitness pages globally.

Shane Pace is a family man as well and is a caring husband and father to three. Follow him now on Instagram, @be_elit3, to know more.

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