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Emanuel Castellano

Serial entrepreneur Emanuel Castellano discusses how he helps others profit from their ideas quickly via Virtual Venturing

Many people have come up with great ideas for products that could do well on the market. However, they can often be dissuaded from following this idea due to the many boundaries in their way (such as the expensive and time-consuming process of acquiring patents).

Emanuel Castellano is a serial entrepreneur, product developer and inventor who has experienced these boundaries firsthand. This motivated him to found Man-Tech Designs, a company that helps people who want to license or venture their products as quickly as possible without spending big to make it happen.

Below, Emanuel answered some questions about his company.

Emanuel Castellano
Emanuel Castellano

What’s your background, and how did it lead to creating Man-Tech Designs?

My background and Man-Tech designs are closely linked since I am myself an entrepreneur and inventor who understands the difficulty of bringing a new product to market.

Having a great idea for a product is one thing but making it a reality that will be profitable for you is another obstacle entirely.

After my 15-year journey inventing and developing products, I have developed a method to create, develop, and license/venture products for far less money that is typically demanded by this process.

I have since decided to help others with this process, leading to the creation of Man-Tech Designs.

How does Man-Tech Designs help people with their products?

Basically, we help out clients as much with their mindset as we do with the products that they want to put onto the market. We know that the first product that needs to be manifested is the mindset, and this mindset is the cornerstone for creating success with any venture.

Without giving away too much, we assist clients by implementing a proven strategy that helps them develop a winning product and use ‘Virtual Venturing’ to deliver to the target market without needing to spend large amounts of money.

What kinds of people do you normally have as clients?

We help people in all stages of the product development process. Some of our clients already have well-developed products that they are struggling to get onto the market, while others just have an idea on paper but don’t know the right way to make it a reality.

We help inventors at all stages of their journey to make their ideas profitable for them without all of the hassles that some of the big traditional invention companies force them to deal with.

How do you ensure that your client’s ideas are protected?

I know from firsthand experience what it’s like to have your product idea stolen by a big company, so I’m passionate about not letting it happen to them. This is why we have a safe, highly professional process with NDA certification that works to ensure our client’s ideas are protected for life.

What’s next for Man-Tech Designs?

Right now, we are continuing to help our clients manifest their ideas and bring them to market quickly and successfully. I’m eager to meet new clients and help them drive the success of their ideas.

Thank you Emanuel for your time!
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