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How screenwriter and producer Rodney Barnes’ love of comic books led to the creation of Zombie Love Studios

Writer and producer of The Boondocks, Rodney Barnes, loves comic books. It’s no wonder that he took on the role he did for what became an award-winning show. What originally started out as a comic strip that you probably have seen in your local newspaper became an internationally-watched sensation on Cartoon Network. Now, Rodney is taking his expertise and applying it to his new publishing company, Zombie Love Studios, as well as his film company, Rodney Barnes Productions.

Rodney has been in love with comic books since he was a kid. Back when he was still living in Maryland, he was really into any sort of comics that focused on superheroes, horror, and science fiction. He simply couldn’t put comic books down in those days. When he became a little older, he attended Howard University in Washington DC, studying how to be a screenwriter. This would help him set up his future in Hollywood.

Once he moved to Hollywood to pursue his dream of screenwriting, he soon became the co-executive producer of The Boondocks for 25 episodes between 2005-2008, writer for 17 episodes (2005-2010), and executive producer of 11 episodes (2010). Given how well the show was received by viewers at the time, it became an award-winning production. This helped cement Rodney’s success in the entertainment industry, and became another example of the African American contribution to screenwriting and television production.

Besides The Boondocks, his love for comic books could also be seen in the show Marvel’s Runaways. When it came to writing comic books, he has the successes of the graphic novels Marvel/Lucasfilm’s Lando: Double or Nothing, Lion Forge’s Quincredible, Marvel’s Falcon, and Secret Empire behind him. Penning such a large number of comic books demonstrates his unbridled passion for that creative method of storytelling.

Rodney brings his passion for comic books, as well as the culture that goes along with it, onto the speaking circuit. He is often found speaking about comic book culture, the current media and entertainment landscape, cultural and racial issues, and more. Above all, Rodney wants to be a uniter of all people, no matter who or where they are in the world. He feels that in these times of extreme polarization, it is more important than ever to provide universal themes of commonality that everyone can relate to. For him, what he does is help heal the deep divide that has opened up within society.

What will be coming out of Zombie Love Studios and Rodney Barnes Productions? Only time will tell. For now, given what we know about his extensive and award-winning portfolio, it is sure to be something that will captivate those who watch and read it.

To learn more about his new publishing and film companies, you can head over to his website. You can also check out the latest from Zombie Love Studios by going to the official website.