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Scott Hughes Is A Philosophy Genius With His New Book Now #1 On The Best Seller List

One of the finest authors of this generation, Scott Hughes has made his mark with his best-selling book, ‘In It Together: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All’. In this book, we are welcomed with the universality of love among the human race.

In It Together The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All

Offering a series of quotes, this book allows us to find the beauty in the simple things, to help us find gratitude in everyday living. Spanning from idols such as Van Gogh, Carl Jung,  Albert Einstein, and more, you can be sure that you will leave the end of the book with more wisdom than what you started off with.

Scott Hughes knows first and foremost our deepest needs as human beings and in this book, he explores the universal themes of love, independence, and self-discipline. By going through all these themes, Hughes hopes to help you find your real and authentic self again.

A culmination of self-help, love, and spirituality, this book helps you discover who you are meant to be. Going through the struggles and stories of other people, ‘In It Together’ shares the wise teachings of older generations to help you apply these life lessons to your own personal situation. You can be sure that with the help of this book, you can turn your life all around once again and find true happiness.

For the ultimate life changer, Scott Hughes has created a work to help you find the right flow in your everyday life.  ‘In It Together’ brings together everyone with the gift of words, to allow them to finally discover their own freedom.

OnlineBookClub’s Founder, Scott Hughes

If you’re looking for a reminder to tell you everything is going to be ok, ‘In It Together’ is the best word of comfort and solace.

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