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Savannah Wright, Founder of Get Fit With Sav Shares Her Fitness Story

Savannah Wright is a fitness influencer and founder of the Get Fit WIth Sav fitness program and is using her platform to help women love their bodies and truly feel good. She shares some of her journey with us. 

When did you start getting into fitness and working out? 

Savannah Wright: I have always been involved with fitness. I grew up in Seattle, Washington, and my parents were bodybuilders. I was always around it and knew that exercise was important. I was an athlete as a kid and in high school, so being physically fit has always been something I was aware of.

Have you always felt fit and healthy?

Savannah Wright: No, I struggled my whole life to feel good. When I was playing competitive sports, I had an athlete’s body with thick legs and big thighs. I thought I was healthy but then I would get comments that made me insecure, and that haunted me for a long time. In college, I stopped playing competitive sports and my body changed, but It was not the way I wanted. I wanted to be strong. 

When did you decide to pursue weightlifting? 

Savannah Wright: I knew about weightlifting but assumed it would make me “bulky”. My senior year of college, I wanted to try something different than just cardio, so I joined a beginners course at CrossFit. I learned how to properly lift weights and alter your body! I loved it but I hurt my back, so I had to stop. A few years later, I picked up weightlifting again but at my own pace and fell in love with the process and results.

How did you end up becoming a fitness influencer? 

Savannah Wright: I had no intention of becoming a fitness influencer. After college, my boyfriend and I moved to California. I had a remote job and a lot of time on my hands and decided to get my body in the place I always wanted it to be. I loved lifting weights but could not find a program that did what I wanted. I researched, learning about nutrition, watching influencers and I was sharing my progress on my own social media. People started reaching out and wanting my help. I tried individual training but that was too much to handle with my full-time job. So, I got on Instagram to reach more people. After a year I reached over 100,000 followers and quit my corporate job to focus on this full-time. Now I work to help women love their bodies and get fit with my easy-to-follow, effective workouts using weight training, Get Fit With Sav

Connect with Savannah Wright on Instagram, and check out her YouTube channel to see more of her workout program.