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Sam Reklaw Will Race for Nissan Colombia at the 6 Hours of Bogota

With teammates Juan Garcia and Andres Prieto, Sam Reklaw will represent Nissan Colombia (DINISSAN) at the most gruelling race in the region. The Nissan March Turbo is a highly modified version of the road car prepared by the La Monomarca Racing team and will race in the Turbo Turismo Category.

The 6 Hours of Bogota is an international racing event which takes place at the Tocancipa Autodrome this Saturday 4th December. Over 60 racing cars in several categories take part in the race which begins at 15:00pm and ends at 21:00pm and features daytime and night time racing. Each driver is permitted up to 2 hours of driving time before switching with teammates. Reklaw will also race the Caterham 420R with teammates Javier Rincon, Andres Vargas and Camilo Mejia.

The trio won the 2018 CNA Championship in 2018 and are reunited for this race for the first time in 3 years. The car is sponsored by the Frenchie Co. A boutique Colombian brand. Reklaw told Yahoo News, “We have a 6 hour race and I must race in 2 cars.

Sam Reklaw will represent Nissan Colombia

So the strategy is to start in the Caterham, after 2 hours hand it over to my teammates, rest for 2 hours, then race the final 2 hours in the Nissan. I took part in this race 4 times but never won the category. This year is our year!