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Rustam Gilfanov

Rustam Gilfanov, LongeVC Fund, venture partner: background

Rustam Gilfanov: IT entrepreneur, LongeVC Fund venture partner

Personal life

Rustam Gilfanov, 38 y.o., was born on 1/6/1983 in the village of Basim, the Perm Territory, Russia. Since he was a child, Rustam was interested in science fiction and math.


After graduating from high school, Rustam was enrolled into the Udmurt State Institute and received a law degree in 2005. The future prominent IT expert was working as insolvency officer after graduation. While in the university, Rustam took active part in multiple events and conferences.


Rustam Gilfanov was a student during the very boom in the Worldwide Web development. Although he was studying to become a lawyer, he also showed interest in IT. As a result, he came up with an idea to launch an IT startup after gaining extensive experience in cooperation with unique international IT projects. This is where Rustam’s degree in law came in handy and strengthened his confidence.

Back in 2006, Rustam Gilfanov and his partners set up a small IT company, which eventually grew up to become one of the largest market players in the software development industry. Since then, the company has reached many milestones like creating 100+ unique gaming apps and opening offices in Malta and Cyprus.

Along with setting the company, Rustam also developed new entrepreneurship engaged in providing support to young talented specialists and facilitating the HR development. In five years, the company HR headcount reached 1,000 people, each having the necessary opportunities for realize their potential.


Rustam Gilfanov supports charity initiatives on a regular basis. His sponsored projects usually focus on developing corporate social responsibility in IT companies and youth education.

You may have heard of LakiBuks charity project by Rustam Gilfanov, which was supported by the Ya-Maybutne Ukrainy Fund. It supports talented writers and promotes Ukrainian non-fiction among youth.

In addition, Rustam supports the the Biblioteky Maybutniogo initiative on restoring the children’s library in Kyiv and turning it into a library hub. The children’s library currently has a computer room, where children can attend programming courses from the leading developers of the company. The courses were initially planned as a one-time event, but now they are held on an ongoing basis and cover the whole country.


Rustam Gilfanov is going to cease his operating business and focus on investing in the most interesting and promising IT projects on fintech, video streams, and gaming – these areas become increasingly popular today.