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How Ruben Morillo and The Credit Doc Transform Lives Through Building Good Credit Scores

Having a good credit score is essential if you are wanting to save money on big purchases such as property. Unfortunately, many people are not taught how to achieve this credit score and financial literacy is something that is lacking in the education system. Ruben Morillo saw the need for this type of education and created The Credit Doc, a platform for everyone to learn about credit and to find advice for boosting their credit score.

Hi Ruben thanks for your time! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

First and foremost, I want to thank you for having me. For those who don’t know me, my name is Ruben Morillo. I’m 23 years young, originally from Lawrence Massachusetts and now currently living in Connecticut. About 2 years ago (2020) I decided to bet on myself and dive into entrepreneurship.

What inspired you to create your company The Credit Doc?

The desire to help others was the only real inspiration in creating The Credit Doc. Most of the success I’ve attained throughout my life has come from helping others and putting people in position for their own success. There was a certain joy I’d feel inside when I helped someone accomplish something. I first discovered the feeling on the football field & then transferred that same passion to everything I did. I once read a quote that stated, “In order to become a billionaire you must first create multiple millionaires”. So, when I started building my credit, I thought to myself, how can I put together a system to help others do the same? This led to the creation of The Credit Doc.

What kind of services do you offer at The Credit Doc?

Within our company we provide people with well-aged tradelines that essentially boosts peoples’ overall credit score and lowers their credit utilization. So, for the most part we are the ones doing the heavy lifting for all our clients, but we like to set an emphasis on education. We provide all clients with access to zoom webinars, credit community chats, and credit guides that break the game down to a Tee. The guides also educate on personal credit, business credit, and LLC creation.

Have you always had a passion for educating others and helping them understand credit?

The passion was always with me to educate others. I actually decided to work on credit because of the network marketing company I’m in which revolves around crypto education. We had a lot of events to travel to which required hotel stays, business meals, etc. So, when I started to research credit it’s benefits fit hand and hand with what I did. I learned about different ways to save money and enjoy life for free and it was up from there.

Why do you think educating people on this topic is so important?

Many will start to realize that as you get older, you’ll need credit to do mostly anything. We say it all the time “Credit Is King”. When getting a house or apartment these companies run your credit first. Looking for a car? Same exact thing. Interest rates come with most of these big purchases we as adults look to make and the better your credit is, the lower these rates will be. Technically speaking having good credit saves you a lot of money.

What kind of impact do you see your work having on your clients’ lives?

I’m looking to change lives. I want to teach people what most schools fail to teach, financial literacy. We’re looking to add Airbnb courses, Turo education marketing services and many more within the next couple of months. I want this to be one of the biggest movements this year for all age groups around the world.

Finally, is there a fundamental piece of advice you would give to people that are seeking to grow their credit score?

Treat your credit score like a resume. Your resume is a collection of data that includes past jobs, good services, and certain skills you hold. Depending on how good your resume is, it will land you the jobs and opportunities you need. Your credit report is similar. It holds everything you’ve done financially and if everything looks good, you’ll be able to do things the average person can’t. So, treat your credit like a resume and look for ways to build that report.

Thank you Ruben for your time!
You can follow up with Ruben Morillo at or at IG @Getbusyru