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Roisin Coleman

How YouTuber and Cybersecurity Expert Roisin Coleman Can Help You Protect Your Devices

In the modern day our phones and our social media accounts have become highly important parts of our everyday lives. Unfortunately, this has also encouraged malicious hackers to attempt to steal our data.


YouTuber and cybersecurity expert Roisin Coleman has dedicated herself to creating educational yet concise YouTube videos that help people recover their mobile devices or social media accounts.

Hello Roisin thank you for your time. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hey! I’m a mobile and social media security YouTube content creator. I currently live in New York City and absolutely love it here! I grew up in Connecticut and Ireland, the youngest of four siblings. I was known as the artiste of the family, as I loved to act, sing, and perform, no matter who was the audience. My mom worked in software engineering and introduced me to the world of computers at a young age. This led me to pursue a dual degree in cybersecurity and journalism to combine my passions of technology and content creation. Other than producing videos, I love to cook, watch documentaries, and go dancing. I’m also a coffee addict and drink at least four cups a day.

When did you become interested in mobile security?

Mobile security sparked my interest when I decided to start making YouTube videos my junior year of college. In class, we mostly focused on computer security, leaving mobile security largely out of the picture. This led me to research a ton about the topic. I learned that the security of our mobile devices and social media accounts naturally clashes with convenience. Most people want to instantly connect with friends and family once they turn on their phone, and think their devices are invincible. However, overlooking important mobile security measures can lead to irreparable reputational damage and financial loss that’ll make you think twice next time you click on a email link or use a weak password.

What are some key things that your education in cybersecurity taught you?

Cybersecurity needs to be an integral part of everyone’s lives. From self-driving cars to heart-rate monitoring, technology connected to the Internet is fundamental to today’s society. However, by blindly trusting the security of these devices, we become victims to the destruction of cybercrime. Therefore, everyone must do their part to keep themselves safe. Whether it’s installing anti-virus on your laptop, or updating your phone to the latest iOS, avoiding security measures will only cause serious harm and money spent.

When did you decide to share your knowledge with others?

I began my YouTube channel in my junior year of college amidst studying for my cybersecurity final exams. I searched all over YouTube for relevant and quality videos to go through and review. However, most of the content I watched was so technical and boring, that it lost my attention after the first 30 seconds. I thought of how intimidating and uninteresting cybersecurity must be for the everyday person. This scared me. Keeping yourself protected online is vitally important in today’s age, yet it’s mostly presented in a way that’s so cumbersome and dull.

As a result, I came up with the idea to create relatable, entertaining YouTube content that shined a different light on cybersecurity. I focused on producing material that used common expressions and concentrated on topics that people cared about, like social media and their mobile devices. The more I created these videos, the more I realized how many people were desperate for help. Although producing these videos didn’t improve my grades on my exams, I did quickly attract a following. I also earned a spot as a digital forensics intern at a top cybersecurity company that summer!

What kind of videos can people expect to find on your YouTube channel?

I offer reactive and preventative expert tips on how to protect and recover your social media accounts and mobile devices. I began my YouTube channel focusing on tips for protecting and recovering mobile devices, but quickly moved to social media after noticing the sheer amount of my friends and family getting hacked on Instagram and Facebook.


What do you hope to achieve through creating these videos?

I hope to make cybersecurity more appealing to the everyday person, so people take it more seriously. I want to shift the narrative away from cybersecurity being super technical and boring. My channels’ focus is to present confusing material in a simple, everyday type of way.

Finally, do you have a fundamental piece of cybersecurity advice that you can share withu s?

Although most of us brush of this advice because it seems too complicated and tiresome – the best advice I can give for protecting yourself against hackers is to use a super strong password. Passwords provide the first line of defense against unauthorized access to your computer and personal information and are on of the keys tools to protecting yourself. Remember to create a password that’s at least 7 characters and uses a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols. Having a password like “password1” will not keep your accounts safe!

Thank you Roisin for your time!

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