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Rising Rapper Lil Dawg Is Inspiring Others to Invest in Themselves and Never Give-up

There is a popular saying that “you just can’t beat the person who won’t give up.” The real-life struggles of successful people around the world have been through only remind us about the truth behind this saying. Nothing great in this world was ever achieved without challenges. Those who gave up were forgotten, while those who overcame these challenges have made history. Rising music artist and rapper Lil Dawg realized this much earlier in life to develop a will of steel to achieve his dreams. He fought poverty and criticism to become a music sensation on social media and is gradually navigating the industry with his gifted talent. 

Lil Dawg was only 9 when he performed live for the first time. However, his passion for music was never encouraged by the people around him. He was ridiculed for pursuing music and often told that he would never make it big in the music industry. These words only made him more determined to achieve his goal to prove his haters wrong. Criticism wasn’t the only challenge that Lil Dawg overcame. Growing up in a family where money was tight, Lil Dawg witnessed the hardships of poverty up close. This again fuelled the flame inside him to become financially independent. 

As he grew up, Lil Dawg realized that he needed financial support to fulfill his dream of becoming a music artist. He couldn’t hone his skills if he were starving. That’s when he separated his passion from his profession and started working as a social media marketer for a living. At present, Lil Dawg is a full-time employee at Gateway, a renowned marketing agency headed by celebrity entrepreneur Carter Jamison. Lil Dawg helps budding artists develop social media engagement and get noticed. He is a part of a team that has successfully motivated over 10K clients. 

Lil Dawg’s achievements as a professional digital marketer could not deter his passion for music. He kept his love for music alive through concerts and social media releases. Lil Dawg is a popular artist on Instagram with more than 70K followers. His videos on YouTube have earned over 80K views, and the number is only increasing.  Apart from his social media popularity, Lil Dawg is also a recognized name in the live music scene. 

To date, Lil Dawg has performed at more than 400 live shows, including performing at the Brooklyn Unity Fest for three consecutive years. He also had the opportunity to perform at famous clubs like Webster Hall NYC, Club Rebel, and The Emporium, opening for mainstream national artists and bands like Mindless Behavior, Rip rapper, Chinx, Styles P, Coke Boys, and Freeway. 

Lil Dawg’s accomplishments as a 21-year-old budding talent have been featured on Fox 5 NY News. His talent has been recognized at The Love Of Sean Talent Show, which expanded his exposure into the industry. Lil Dawg also won an award from the 40th Precinct Community Council for National Night Out. The young, independent artist believes that this is just the beginning of his journey as he dreams of becoming a national recording and performing artist. 

Lil Dawg’s family has been his biggest support throughout his journey, and his loyal fan base always keeps him motivated. With this motivation and support, he wants to continue his journey creating more unique and fresh music to enthrall his audiences.