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Cory McGhee "Flawless Breezyy"

Rising music-artist Cory “Flawless Breezyy” McGhee discusses his inspirations, style, and more

Cory McGhee “Flawless Breezyy” is a music artist with a unique background of having managed other music artists before experimenting with his own original music ideas. After a massively positive response to his first single “She in Love”, he began to take his career to the next level and has since released a full album + collaborated with other artists in the music scene.

Below he answered a few questions.

Can you give us a short bio of your music carrier with your albums and singles you have released?

I’ve been making music for almost 2 years now. I released my first single on all platforms about a year into my music career titled “She in Love”. After dropping a lot of people gravitated towards the single. I started getting a lot of great feedback and people asking for more music and looking for an album.

After that, I started taking my music career more seriously and dropped my first album “Dough Cheese” following up with more singles and videos.

What motivated you to become a rapper?

I’ve always loved music, as a kid growing up, I’ve listened to all genres of music. I first got into the business through a manager role to a couple of artists. Soon after they all convinced me to create a song. Not long after that, I recorded my first song, after getting it mastered, I listened to it in the studio, and the turn out was great.

I still helped manage the artist I was working with but was ready to record another song. I discussed my transition with my artist converted over to being an artist also. I say artist because I really don’t consider myself a rapper, I can give you music in any genre or style.

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

My favorite rapper of all time is Lil Wayne, but there are many other artists that I’ve watched and looked up to such as XXX, Uzi, & Juice Wrld. I like how they stay true to themselves and produce the music that is authentic to them, and they have their own style of rap.

Believe it or not, I rarely listen to rap music, I mainly listen to pop artists; no specifics. I just love everything about it. I believe that is what makes me such a well-rounded artist.

If there was one artist you could collaborate with, who would it be?

I would love to collab with Uzi. I believe me and Uzi would go great on a song with the style of music we both make. It would be a hit!

How would you describe your style of hip hop?

My style is very different, more like an alternative style of hip-hop. There’s no song that sounds the same coming from me.

What are some of the challenges you’ve had to overcome as an artist?

Coming from a manager position to an artist you kinda think that you can do everything on you own, which I’ve been doing from day one but soon you realize there is no way to balance out doing every single thing yourself. There is a lot that goes into being a successful artist – you need a team, you need be able to bounce ideas off of your team and build on them. It’s too overwhelming doing it all yourself, and there’s not enough time in the day to do it efficiently.

For example, I still work my job, I have kids, need time to write/record music all while trying to balance every other role in the music business. So now I’m taking things to the next level and building a solid team.

How did your collaboration with David Correy on your song “Ride for Me” come about?

Honestly, me and David have been cool for some years now through mutual friends. So one day we’re in a hotel, and I can’t really remember what we were about to do, but he told me to play some beats. I put on a beat that a SushiBoy (Maryland producer) made for me, and we instantly started freestyling to the beat. We found the melodies we wanted and took it from there.

Since everybody that helped with this song was from Maryland, that’s where we decided to shoot the video, which is my only video in my home state Maryland.

What are you working on right now?

Right now, I’m working on a full rap EP that I have been discussing with my team for some time now. It should be released early December 2020. I will be following that up with a pop album that we are looking to release February 2021!

Connect with Flawless Breezyy on Instagram: @FlawlessBreezyy and listing to his music via Apple Music here: