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Photo: Rishabh Dubey

Rishabh Dubey – The 21-Year Old Writer who proves that Age is just a Number

Rishabh Dubey, known by his pen-name ‘Kridious’, is a millennial author and influencer from Lucknow, India, who has successfully published two novels in the global literary world. Moreover, he is now about to release his third. Let’s take a quick look at Rishabh’s journey.

Rishabh established himself as an author at the budding age of sixteen, when he shattered the unwritten protocol of the writers’ world and published his first novel, The Mangoman. Though, his entry into the world of fame didn’t happen till much later, when he released his second book, entitled Krikos: The Vertical Horizon, and took to using the social-media Universe of Instagram for marketing it. He immediately developed an irresistible exploratory affinity towards the platform and started sharing more than just his work, viz. his musical exploits and self-compositions, dance and fitness videos, travelogues, experiments with the camera and more.

On conversing with him, we came to know that Rishabh is an autodidact of Music and Dance. He learnt to play the Guitar during his early teens by just watching YouTube Tutorials. Furthermore, battling the plight of obesity as a kid, he grew up to become an advocate of health and fitness who now not just himself regularly trains to be fit but also promotes leading a healthy lifestyle through the medium of Instagram.

A series of events in his life lured Rishabh towards travel and he has never stopped since. He told us how he loves going to unmapped areas as well as the places not enlisted as tourist hotspots so that he can interact with the people there and gather unaltered and unfiltered stories and experiences. It also helps him feed his photographic urges since he loves to capture the natural serenity of landscapes.

The niche colorful vibe oozing from his social media helped him to eventually develop a large and ever-expanding fan-base, with more than twenty-five thousand fans and followers. The originality, frequency and diversity of his content aided him in doing this organically.

The dynamic novelty of his posts attracts a diversified demographic range of audience, with men and women of all ages and from almost all corners of the world. Lastly, Rishabh dedicates at least some amount of time every day to interact with them and doesn’t refrain from responding to their emails and messages. Want to have a look for yourself? Then tune into his Instagram (@Kridious) today.