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Ripple+ Transforms Aromatherapy with Sustainable Innovation

Blooming in the heart of Camden, Ripple+ curates a sanctuary of plant-powered puffs and captivating incense droplets. The cutting-edge aromatherapy brand is creating waves with its eco-conscious philosophy, meticulous traceability of ingredients, and steadfast commitment to sustainability. Ripple+ is reshaping nicotine-free puff products with an abundance of mindful benefits. 

From its modest origins, Ripple+ has blossomed into a global phenomenon, finding a home in 850 pharmacies and shops worldwide and especially resonating with Gen Z. With a presence on the shelves of major retailers like Sainsbury’s and the esteemed John Bell & Croyden, Ripple+ has successfully convinced individuals to bid adieu to their vapes and venture out on a revolutionary nicotine-free path.

Diversifying its product offerings, in 2023, Ripple+ unveiled its plant-powered droplets. Shaped like delicate teardrops, the Ripple+ droplets are diminutive yet potent and crafted from carefully chosen botanicals, resins, and premium essential oils. The inventive droplets are set apart by their sustainability, encased in 100% sea glass packaging that provides a completely biodegradable aromatherapeutic experience and illustrates Ripple+’s commitment to the environment.

The groundbreaking POD, an endlessly rechargeable device, heralds a new era for Ripple+. Birthed in response to the “f**k nicotine movement” in 2019, the POD epitomizes several appealing features and benefits. Boasting an extensive battery life and cutting-edge USB-C charging, it not only minimizes waste but also maximizes the plant-powered puffing experience, marking a significant leap in the brand’s devotion to technological innovation. 

Ripple+ places a strong emphasis on the significance of fragrance. They are masters at infusing love and attention into their products. The new product Soothe Hive, a creation by Ripple+, crafts the coziest aromatic elixir, dripping in the pure and comforting notes of honey and lemon. Ripple+ creates undeniable sensory experiences with ginger, chamomile extract, and more, delivering a calming remedy for the soul. The Soothe Hive is set to be available now in both Single and POD forms, ensuring accessibility to purchase online on the Ripple+ website. 

Sustainability remains the beating heart of Ripple+, which is evident in the brand’s packaging crafted from minimal, reusable, and entirely recycled materials. The brand actively encourages consumers to participate in its recycling initiative, leading to the recycling of over 200,000 ripples, including 100% recyclable batteries that refreshingly minimize ecological impact. The brand’s recycling pledge is to ensure that a staggering 99% of components are recycled, highlighting Ripple+’s persistent efforts to uphold its environmental stewardship.

More than mere products, Ripple+’s journey is filled to the brim with iconic moments and cherished memories. From its inception in 2019 to its triumphant presence at Milan Fashion Week in 2023, each stride has underscored Ripple+’s steadfast commitment to a people-first, planet-forward philosophy that enhances the aromatherapy arena. Ripple+ also acknowledges the role mindfulness plays in overcoming cravings and managing stress, particularly for those who have chosen to no longer smoke. Encouraging users to seize the moment, be present, and envision serenity, the brand champions a holistic approach to well-being.

As Ripple+ continues its evolutionary trajectory, founders Sam and Lucie envision a world enriched with plant-powered creations and sustainable technology. With an unwavering promise to remain people-first and planet-forward, Ripple+ encourages everyone to step into a future where pleasing, non-nicotine puffs and soothing scents reign supreme.