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Richard Tiland from New Evolution Video discusses the art of premium film production

New Evolution Video is the premier video production company in San Diego, Ca. They provide award-winning professional videos for a wide range of companies, ensuring that their clients receive the best quality service in the industry.

Richard Tiland is the founder of New Evolution Video, and he has subsequently put more than 14 years into the firm. New Evolution Video is highly regarded for its use of virtual reality, augmented reality, video marketing and the latest cutting-edge technology in the world of video production.

Richard was able to answer some questions we had about New Evolution Video. Check out some of his answers below!

Hi Richard, why did you start New Evolution Video?  

I’ve always had a passion for video. Even as a kid folks were always asking me to take the camera out of their face! As I grew, I realized this was my calling. But I had no idea how big a medium video would become.

Over the years, as I watched video grow, I grew with it. I learned not only the skills required for making a high quality video, but the marketing techniques needed to bring in the best results.

In 2006 after Youtube just came out, I saw the platform and immedatly said to myself, “businesses will need to shift focus and start doing video”. It was obvious to me that everyone around the world will be communicating with video very soon.

There were those that said “who’s going to sit around and watch videos online?” They said Youtube wouldn’t be such a big hit, just a fad, but I knew differently. The passion I had as a kid was now in the palm of my hands, it wasn’t reserved for the big Hollywood studios or expensive production houses. I bought my first Mini DV Canon camcorder and started learing the art.

Did you encounter any challenges in those first few years, and how did you solve them?

I encountered many challenges at the start of New Evolution Video. What I thought was going to take off like a wild fire was more like a tiny spark. It would be many years before I would be truly successful. People were sharing family videos on Youtube like the viral hit, “Charlie Bit My Finger”, but businesses were slow to the plate.

There were music, family and event videos on Youtube and Facebook up to 2008, but businesses just hadn’t caught on yet – the ones that did made a killing though, they knew that people were loving this form of communication and got high search visibily and good rankings.

Until 2009, I was stuck doing weddings and events for money, it was not what I thought I would be doing, I didn’t care for this type of production. I wanted to do commercials. My passion and persistence kept me trying and I didn’t quit.

In 2010 more and more businesses started catching on, but it was still a very slow year and I think I made about $10,000 that year once I got my name out and referrals from local small businesses.  From 2011-2015 I experienced exponential growth. It was the glory days – I was perfectly positioned on Google and other social media sites to get massive visabilty. Business was good.

What are your core video production capabilities?

New Evolution Video works internationally with clients in a dozen different countries. The kind of services we provide are diverse. We plan marketing and sales goals and how video will drive growth in these channels. We can ensure maximum value and frequent video content to coincide with content schedules, help with goal and objective planning for digital marketing integration to include videos, refine promotions, features and benefits to reflect on-brand messaging that brings results with our videos.

In your experience, what type of video production assistance do most clients require?

Most of my clients order promotional videos or internal corporate videos. During the pandemic this year (2020) conventions were cancelled and business trips were nixed, so New Evolution was called on to help San Diego companies communicate with their clients and staff through video. For instance, a global testing manufacture for disease in San Diego needed to educate their remote manufacturing facility on best practice and they were unable to travel on location. They hired New Evolution to procure several training modules and the project was a hit. Not only did it save them time and money, they now have something that can be sent over and over to their other facilities.

Also there was Casper Cleaning company, who does Covid cleaning and the promo video we shot for them secured a $125,000 contract. A casino was about to pull the trigger with another vendor and instead saw the video first and went with my client due to the excellent messaging.

What are some of the biggest clients you have worked with?

I enjoy a unique work relationship with my clients because I listen carefully to their expectations and concerns. That why so many of my clients return again and again. Major clients like Hyundai, Sony, UC San Diego, SolarGard, IBM, Damlier, BioLegend, Zotac, iLife and many more. The main industries we focus on are comsumer electronics, software, higher ed, and manufacturing.

How does New Evolution Video differentiate itself from its leading competitors?

New Evolution is different from our competition in terms of years of experience, quality, reliability, creativity and being one of the very first innovators of online video. After all, we created the online corporate video industry.

We work hand in hand with our clients, every step of the way. We make video production fun and simple and give our clients a video they are proud of that’s on brand and they want to share with those they love – and most importantly the videos work towards their business goals. Anybody can buy the best gear but not everyone knows how to write a script and produce a video that converts leads into sales.

What do you find most enjoyable about the work you do?

What I find most enjoyable about the work I do is the people. Whether that is my crew, talent, or clients, there’s something special about video. People get excited when they see the big cameras, bright lights and dressed sets.

I see a sparkle of hope in their eyes that the world is not so bad after all, that we are our own producer, director, writer and talent in the game of life. I help companies with creative ways to attract more business to their brand with the powerful form of video media and that brings me heartfelt satisfaction.

Thank you Richard for your time!
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