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Rhett Lindsey fights back against injustice through the new app Siimee:

Gone are the days when people were rejected for hailing from a particular race. Today’s generation is not willing to accept such artificial rules which do not have any context supporting them. The recent Black Lives Matter protest brought normal citizens all over the world on streets irrespective of their skin colour. We saw people of all communities protesting and validating the presence of white supremacy in our society. Acknowledging the problem is as important as figuring out a solution for it. People are making a conscious choice to even educate their children so that the future generating does not face such evil norms.

Siimee (see-mee) is a newly developed recruiting platform that mainly focuses on talent and creates many opportunities for people who are worthy of the job irrespective of their caste and creed. Created by tech guru Rhett Lindsey, it is designed to help people to find jobs and is even appreciated by recruiters too. People from all walks of life are been hired and the app has become a new favourite in the industry. Thanks to Rhett, we are noticing an effective change in the recruitment industry and the process has become less evil. Thanks to Siimee, the recruitment process becomes crystal clear and people can finally find a solution for it. 

Rhett Lindsey has pulled off his vision in such a graceful manner. It is like a tight slap to society and people who played their role to not hire black and queer people for jobs. Only a man who has faced such trouble can understand the pain which comes with it. Being capable of the job but not getting it due to your skin colour even leads people into depression. Rhett has confessed to receiving a certain kind of behaviour from people. He was never invited to share his opinion or allowed to have seat at the table. He faced a lot of judgement and racist behaviour in the tech recruiting industry and was never invited into the decision-making process. He is a former Facebook and Tinder recruiter who is currently taking Silicon Valley by storm through his newly developed app. Hence, he has now created a table for himself and the only people who are allowed to sit here are the ones who believe in equality.

Being a Black queer man in the tech industry, Rhett Lindsey has managed to hit the bull’s eye with Siimee. It is truly a noble initiative and we hope that people in power finally bring in changes to the system just as Rhett Lindsey has. To know more, follow them on: