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Matt Grammer - Therapy Trainings

Revolutionizing Mental Health Education: Matt Grammer Unveils Free CE Initiatives at Therapy Trainings™

The landscape of mental health continually evolves, and at its heart, continuing education is vital for professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge. Matt Grammer, LPCC-S, the CE Director at Therapy Trainings™, offers insights into the organization’s mission of providing accessible and quality education.

This includes a special emphasis on Free CE for Social Workers and other mental health professionals, demonstrating their commitment to empowering those in this crucial field.

Thank you for joining us today, Matt. Can you tell us about your journey and what led you to become the CE Director at Therapy Trainings™?

My pleasure. My journey in mental health spans various settings – from inpatient to private practice. After nearly a decade growing a large private practice, I recognized the need for more engaging and accessible continuing education (CE).

That led me to Therapy Trainings™, where we aim to make it easy and affordable for mental health professionals to get the CE they need to renew their license.

Therapy Trainings™ offers “Free CE for a year for new graduates”. What was the motivation behind this initiative?

We believe that the early years of a mental health professional’s career are crucial.

This initiative is our way of supporting new graduates, allowing them to focus on honing their skills without the added stress of navigating complex CE requirements.

How does Therapy Trainings™ stand out from other online CE platforms?

Our approach focuses on eliminating the pain points typically associated with continuing education. Our courses are in-depth, affordable, and available anytime.

Plus, we have a large production team ensuring our content meets the diverse needs of all mental health professionals across different states. Therapists today are typically licensed in multiple states. Therapy Trainings makes it easy to figure out what the CE requirements are in all 50 states and Canada.

What types of courses can professionals expect to find on your platform?

We offer a wide range of courses, covering topics from Ethics and Domestic Violence to specialized trainings like EMDR and Cultural Competencies.

Our aim is to provide comprehensive learning that caters to the diverse needs of our field.

For social workers and other professionals interested in your courses, how does the registration process work?

It’s quite straightforward. Just find your course on our website, follow a few simple steps, and you’re set.

We accept credit card and PayPal payments, and you gain immediate access to the course.

In your opinion, what is the future of continuing education for mental health professionals?

I believe the future is digital, flexible, and increasingly tailored to individual learning styles. At Therapy Trainings™, we’re committed to leading this change by continuously evolving and improving our offerings.

Finally, what message would you like to share with mental health professionals, especially in these challenging times?

Never underestimate the power of ongoing learning in shaping your career and the lives of those you help. At Therapy Trainings™, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Matt Grammer’s insights underline the importance of accessible and quality continuing education in mental health. Therapy Trainings™, under his leadership, is clearly committed to supporting professionals in this vital aspect of their career growth.

For more information or to connect with Matt, visit Therapy Trainings™ website or reach out on LinkedIn.