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Revolutionizing Fitness: John Zarbock’s BioFit Studio in St. Louis, MO

Finding a workout routine that yields real results can be a daunting task in an era when the fitness industry is saturated with trends and fads. Many people grapple with the struggle of carving out time for fitness amidst their busy lives, only to be met with mediocre outcomes. Enter John Zarbock, a fitness enthusiast turned entrepreneur, who has not only identified this common problem but has also devised an innovative solution that is rewriting the rules of fitness in St. Louis.

From Army to Entrepreneurship: A Journey of Passion and Discipline

John Zarbock’s journey into the world of fitness began early, with a fervent passion for weightlifting at 16. His dedication to bodybuilding and weightlifting only intensified when he enlisted in the Army two years later. While serving, he maintained a rigorous workout routine, exercising twice a day, every day, for an impressive 15-25 hours each week. John’s unwavering discipline, instilled by the Army, set him on a path to become a trainer to many of his comrades within the military ranks.

It was during his deployments that John began to explore the possibility of turning his fitness passion into a full-fledged business. He started working toward his first personal training certification and dreamt of installing gyms in airports, aiming to make fitness accessible to travelers. However, the corporate world beckoned, and he temporarily shelved his entrepreneurial dreams.

Even as he worked in the corporate sector and on active duty in the Army, fitness remained a part of his life. He took a leap of faith and temporarily left his full time Army position to establish his fitness company, Freedom Fitness, in 2016. The venture initially operated out of his own house. But his aspirations were often thwarted by the Army’s call of duty, leaving his business aspirations in limbo.

Desperation Breeds Innovation: Discovering HIT and ARX

Desperation often serves as a catalyst for innovation, and John’s story is a testament to this. Frustrated by the persistent disruptions to his fitness business, he embarked on a mission to find a solution. It was during a random internet scroll that he stumbled upon an advertisement for the ARX Machine – a device promising unparalleled results through High-Intensity Training (HIT) and motorized resistance.

Intrigued and slightly agitated by the bold claims, John delved into extensive research to understand the potential and promise of HIT workouts. HIT was heralded as a game-changer in the fitness industry — and turns out had been around for the better part of 50 years. The promise of shorter, more effective workouts piqued his interest. He packed his car and drove to Nashville, Tennessee; the closest place with an ARX machine, to experience it firsthand.

The encounter with the ARX machine was transformative. After just five minutes of exercise, John had experienced one of the most intense full-body workouts of his life. The discomfort of the drive back to St. Louis was outweighed by his excitement and conviction. He saw the future of fitness in this machine.

The Birth of BioFit: Redefining Fitness in St. Louis

Convinced of the ARX machine’s potential, John was determined to introduce it to St. Louis. He purchased his first two ARX machines and swiftly liquidated his conventional fitness equipment. Just after Thanksgiving in 2018, BioFit was born.

BioFit, founded by John, is a revolutionary, smart fitness studio based in St. Louis that’s dedicated to biohacking fitness. The studio’s philosophy revolves around the Tetrahedron, nature’s most potent, fundamental and powerful geometric figure embodying Mind-Body-Spirit, aiming to disrupt the fitness industry by giving people back their most valuable commodity… time. According to John, “Time is the only thing each and every human shares in common, we all equally get 24 hours a day, the rub is that most of us spend a disproportionate amount doing what we have to than want we want to.” His passion to increase the quality of life of as many people as he can and provide a way for his community to live longer and healthier is truly palpable and equally infectious if you have have ever met or spoken with him.

At BioFit, the mission is clear: to provide clients with the most efficient, effective, and safe way to build the physical foundation of their lives. His mantra, “We build better humans,” underscores the studio’s commitment to helping clients achieve more in all aspects of life, starting with the physical and transcending into the mental, meta-physical and spiritual.

The BioFit Experience: HIT Workouts and ARX Machines

BioFit offers clients two flexible options: one or two workouts per week, each utilizing the cutting-edge ARX machine. This high-tech marvel takes the guesswork out of exercise, perfectly tailoring each workout to an individual’s body and abilities. There’s no room for incorrect movements, and safety is paramount.

The studio’s success formula is simple but profound: work + rest = growth. BioFit recognizes that recovery is just as critical as exertion when it comes to achieving results. By maximizing efficiency, clients regain valuable time in their day, thus living more intentional lives by doing more of what they WANT rather than want they HAVE to do.

Competitive Advantage: Technology, Expertise, and Results

BioFit’s competitive advantage is threefold: technology, expertise, and tangible results. In a digital age where traditional fitness routines can feel as outdated as typewriters, the ARX machine is a quantum leap in fitness technology. It’s the next level of fitness, providing clients with workouts perfectly customized to their unique physiology.

Moreover, BioFit’s expert trainers guide clients on their fitness journey, ensuring they see the results they desire. The studio’s commitment to safety means clients don’t need to fear injury, allowing them to push their limits in a controlled environment.

A Call to Action: Discover the Future of Fitness

John’s journey from a fitness-obsessed Army enthusiast to a biohacking fitness innovator is an inspiring tale of dedication and innovation. BioFit’s success isn’t only a testament to John’s tenacity but also to the power of technology and expertise in transforming the fitness landscape.

For those interested in fitness, gym owners seeking innovative approaches, or anyone looking to regain control of their fitness journey, the ARX machine and BioFit offer a beacon of hope.

“Educate yourself on HIT (High-Intensity Training) and the science behind fitness,” John says. “The best book to learn from is Body By Science by Dr. Doug McGuff.”

BioFit’s doors are open to anyone seeking a transformative fitness experience. In St. Louis, John Zarbock invites you to discover the future of fitness. As he aptly says, “We build better humans.” 

It’s time to become one.