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Republicans Staring at an Inevitable Immigration Disappointment

There is a growing eagerness from the House GOP leaders to move from the debate on immigration that seems to have distracted a lot of the members and risks dividing them even further. In fact, early indications show that during the voting process that will take place on Tuesday, the legislation will fail by a vast margin.

There have been efforts by the top negotiators and aides to add a language to this bill that will appeal to the voters with different political affiliation. There is E-Verify proposal that seems to be the most contentious issues with this law because it requires Firms to certify the legal status of their workers. However, top moderate negotiator Jeff Denham (R-Calif.) feels that centrists would deliberateon the problem if it provides a chance of winning their support. But, there is no guarantee that it will offer much of a difference.

Although there are attempts by the GOP aides to change the language in the bill so that it can appeal to the members, the reports from the inside indicate that the law will still go downamidst conservative disapproval. Democrats have openly stated that they will not support the legislation which seeks to fund the president’s wall and stop legal border is not a surprise to the GOP members that the latest negotiations on the bill are likely not to succeed. As such, they even wanted the vote to be held last week so that they could get over it and move to another business of the House.

However, the speaker opted to give the members that asked for additional time to go through the bill and consider it well before making theirdecision. Furthers, Meadows and Denham offered to negotiate to improve the chances of accepting the proposal which resulted inthe scheduling of the election to this week.

The decision to add E-Verify is a crucial concession from GOP centrists and the leaders as well. For several months, the two categories have allegedthat including the provision would become would blow-up any legislationsincethe participants would also require an agriculturalvisitorpersonnel program to assist farmers in adaptation.

In fact, according to the agreement of the negotiators which occurred a few days ago, there should be a separate voting time for E-Verify and agriculture program due to the worry that it would tank the bill. Nonetheless, conservatives have pressed to have it in the legislation and moderates have yielded to the demand.