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Reimagining an Industry with John Solleder

The Network Marketing industry, worth over 200 billion dollars and existing for more than a century, was established on the idea of shifting marketing funds from conventional advertising to word of mouth advertising. The concept of generating a passive income by sharing preferred products with friends and family from the comfort of one’s home and/or through social media has impacted millions of people worldwide. This simple idea has proven transformative, with many individuals like John Solleder building a lifelong career in Network Marketing. 

John’s experience as a Network Marketing Professional spans over four decades, making him a seasoned veteran in the industry. He acknowledges the personal benefits of his experience, including mental, financial, and relational growth, and has a strong desire to maintain the industry’s integrity. Despite the challenges of bad actors tarnishing its reputation, John leads by example, maintaining high standards to do his best to support the industry’s long-term sustainability.

John hasn’t always been an advocate of the industry, though. Upon graduating college, he considered himself a socialist. He thought capitalism was immoral and it wasn’t until he heard Ronald Reagan speak at his college graduation that he changed his mind. In that speech, Reagan explained how capitalism, done right, can free the average person in a way no other system can, but the secret was finding a mentor who’s already achieved the results you’re looking to achieve and is willing to show you how to do it. That speech shifted John’s paradigm as he became open to opportunity. After having trouble finding a job post graduation, a friend invited him to an event where he could learn from other successful entrepreneurs, and remembering Reagan’s advice; he jumped on the opportunity. At the event he heard a man speak who’d eventually become his mentor. While he doesn’t remember everything that was said, there was a single phrase that changed his life forever. 

“For things to change, you need to change and for things to get better, you need to get better”


This simple yet profound shift in philosophy set John on a path of personal growth that would transform him in previously unimaginable ways. He became financially free, has traveled to over 62 countries, and has authored 4 books! 

John’s experience in the Network Marketing industry has not only provided him with financial and personal growth. But, it has also introduced him to a supportive community that has been there for him during difficult times. For instance, when he was grappling with the challenge of his daughter’s drug addiction, his international team formed a prayer group to show him support. Though it is hard to determine the exact role of the prayer group in his daughter’s recovery, having a large group of people who are there for you, regardless of the situation, can be an invaluable asset. Such experiences highlight the power of a strong support system in the Network Marketing industry and how it can help individuals navigate challenging times. John says if you’re in the industry only to make money, you’re missing out on what truly makes it special. 

In this phase of his career, John’s not motivated by success but rather by service. He remembers what his life was like before the industry and is inspired to pay it forward and help others who are looking for more like he was.  Whether it be through his podcast, his books or his Immunotec business, John does everything he can to serve the community by sharing the wisdom, tools, and tactics anyone can leverage in order to earn an extra $500-$1500 a month in the Network Marketing Industry.   

With a unique perspective regarding how the industry needs to integrate new-age technology with old-school principles, John has been able to help people from various generations reach their goals. His son has even become one of the top producers in his company by leveraging social media at only 19 years old! 

While Network Marketing may not be for everyone, if you are considering participating in the industry, consider getting a mentor, such as John Solleder, who has not only found results himself but has helped thousands of others do the same thing. You can start learning from John today by listening to his podcast at or send him an email at [email protected].