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Red Tan is Bringing The Heat With Her Latest Empowering Single ‘Inday’

‘Inday’ has many meanings in the Filipino language, while some associate it with ‘Housemaid’, London-based artist Red Tan begs to differ. Her latest single ‘Inday’, is a call to spiritual arms for her sisters in the Philippines, empowering the notion that an ‘Inday’ is a form of endearment – she can be a CEO, a doctor, an artist, or the next president of the Philippines.

The song has a beautiful message, an empowering soul, and a catchy tune, all of which are ingredients for an innovative impact.

The Tune

“Red Tan is no stranger to musical fusion, the independent artist has pulled out all the stops in this latest venture to garner as many diverse inputs as possible and we find it very promising.”, said Executive Producers Lynda Lane and Robert Reyes.

The song is co-written by UK influencer Malcolm Conlan with musical accompaniments written by Filipino producer Jhojho Abella and singer/songwriter Uchenna Ibe at Musika Studios in London. Hollywood producer Damon Sharpe (who wrote JLo’s Love Don’t Cost A Thing) lent a hand in the vocal production stages.

All these talented ingredients have cultivated a tune that is not only catchy and empowering, but also serves as a potential catalyst for systemic political change in the Philippines.

The Campaign

Many people will be hearing the name Sara Duterte in response to this song. She’s a major player in the Philippines as a lawyer, activist and incumbent mayor of Davao City, she’s also known to her constituents as Inday Sara.

Red Tan is wearing her intentions in her music as the song is also a call for Inday Sara to throw her hat in the ring and run for the Philippine Presidency in 2022. An energising movement for the women of the Philippines to see the true message of the song come to fruition. With a potential campaign on the cards, Inday certainly won’t be translating to housemaid any longer.

The Artist

Red Tan - Single Inday

Red Tan has a history of using music to promote positive and inspirational messages, a previous release ‘Toxic’ took aim at domestic violence issues and brought them to the forefront. The artist was a grand finalist in the 2018 UK Open Mic Championship and is a medal-recipient at the World Championships of Performing Arts in LA.

‘Inday’ will be released publicly on July 23rd and will certainly be making waves.


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