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Recent Survey Suggests that Celebrities Can Gain More Credibility by Sharing their Stories on #MeToo

A new study indicates that the willingness of stars to share their sexual assault experiences is appealing to most consumers. The poll comes after Terry Crews, an actor, talked about his story on #MeToo. The story saw him receive sharp criticism from notable people in Hollywood such as 5O Cent.

The recent survey by Spotted shows that 50% of consumers considered celebrities who shared their stories and got involved in the #MeToo crusade to be more trustworthy. Spotted agency also published a report which polled American consumers on issues of the #MeToo Crusade, Mental issues and LGBTQIA. 52% of the consumers surveyed considered these celebrities easy to relate to while 51% of the respondents found them to be pleasant and easy-going.

Janet Comenso, the CEO of Spotted said that data drives the current world and a little issue can ruin one’s brand quickly. She adds that there were notions that sharing sexual assault stories was risky but the findings give a different story since consumers find these celebrities more relatable and likable.

Other survey firms such as Digitas have advocated for more involvement in movements by brands. For instance, Digitas was keen to market its NewFrontPresentation on brands that focused on causes. Since May, Digitas has always spoken on the need for brands to participate in social-oriented movements.

At the start of the year, research findings on Pan-Activism were released by TBWA. The study found that eighty-five percent of US consumers took appropriate actions necessary in supporting causes and they also disapproved of brandswhich did not speak on particular issues. Amelia Hall of TBWA says that staying silent is an indication of being complicit for both brands and celebrities.

The survey by Spotted also focused on misconceptions about mental health and discovered that sixty-four percent of the people polled considered celebrities to be pleasant after reading their mental health experiences. Interestingly, only 13% of the consumers considered these celebrities as unlikeable.

Spotted survey also showed that scandals have a high potential of ruining the credibility of celebrities. For instance, Kanye West who is quite active on Twitter seemed to have a negative appeal to the consumers. Additionally, Morgan Freeman who is facing sexual harassment charges has experienced a sharp decline in the level of trustworthiness, pleasantness, and dependability from the respondents.

Though brands have not been keen on endorsing #MeToo experiences; they would gain a lot from supporting the people involved in the movement.  Hall added that there are celebrities who are risking their brands and openly speaking about their opinions and beliefs.

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