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Re-think Mindset Rather Than Life Choices, Says Steadfast Life Coaching

A natural product of the growing popularity of life coaching services is the saturation of professionals competing to shout about their easy solutions to people’s problems. One might proclaim they have ‘Three Key Strategies To Become Happy,’ while another might propose a four-step solution to weight loss. Modern living is dominated by the shortening attention span of the average consumer. But like many complex ideas given the Buzzfeed treatment, self-improvement cannot be over-simplified. Many go one step further and believe that dramatic lifestyle change is rarely the solution, as many of the elements required to make a person content are usually already present in their lives.

Christianity is one ideology that looks to appreciate the gifts provided by God. It recognizes the creator as the ultimate power and authority in a person’s life, implicitly muting other forces that claim to be capable of profound change. Self-help and Christianity might not appear to be closely connected at first glance. But upon examination, they can be reconciled to create a cutting-edge self-help solution for followers of the religion. Jake and Whitney Roehl are the owners of @steadfastlifecoaching. They seek to implement this reconciliation into a bespoke life coaching service that focuses on changing the client’s way of thinking rather than becoming a substitute for the lessons of Christianity.

“We are only interested in mindset – this is not an accountability partner so you can finally check the boxes on your to-do list,” Jake states. “We want you to know how to adjust the filters that determine your felt experience of the world and everything that happens in it.” By way of analogy, Steadfast Life Coaching doesn’t aim to change the food on their client’s plate, rather the way they eat it. The couple believes simple changes to a person’s way of thinking can dramatically change how they experience life.

Naturally, Christian ideas of gratitude and servitude may spring to mind when individuals are urged to appreciate what’s in front of them. But Jake and Whitney have a unique perspective on how Christians can take a more active role in improving their wellbeing. Prior to the loving marriage they find themselves in today, the couple separately encountered periods of isolation. During these turbulent times, their Christian instinct to pray, devote themselves to God, and hope for better days didn’t offer a positive solution. When they eventually met and married, Jake and Whitney found that they had a mutual passion for providing Christians with a new service informed by self-help tools while continuing to honor their identity as children of God.

The primary opportunities Steadfast Life Coaching has on the table today include group coaching and actual mastermind. Both encourage participants to take responsibility for their own experience in life, or as Jake puts it: “Freedom in the presence of fear and peace in the presence of pressure.” The pair’s offerings stretch beyond simple life coaching packages, however, and have in the past included a 4-day retreat to summit a 14,000-foot peak in the Eastern Sierras, as well as a 5-day surfing trip to El Salvador. Less adventurously-minded Christians need not miss out, as Jake and Whitney are keen to bottle their process up into an online membership that provides access to mindset courses, weight loss courses, meditations, and more.

The duo behind Steadfast Life Coaching is eager to bring their methods even further into the 21st century, mirroring their contemporary approach to mindset and religion. As part of their ambitions for Steadfast to become America’s leading Christian coaching platform, Jake and Whitney plan to launch a new on-demand coaching service called Trust U. Keeping to the path of promoting freedom and responsibility among clients, the platform promises to act more as a self-paced guide rather than a traditional course. Steadfast’s mindset-led approach is set to traverse the physical landscape as much as the online sphere, as Jake and Whitney are also excited about plans to travel the country in their camper, participating in public speaking engagements and working with local communities, churches, and industry leaders.

Jake and Whitney Roehl stand out among the life coaching crowd due to their commitment to being innovative in every aspect of their business. Where others may have settled on their client’s mindset as a unique selling point, the pair constantly conceive new ways to deliver their compelling message. The goal is to liberate individuals from the strictures they are faced with anywhere in life.