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Rashed Ali Almansoori – From a Kid Obsessed With Tech To a UAE Household Name

Yes, in the digital era we are living in comes many individuals that are tech savvy but really few that possess the talent, passion, courage and selflessness to make it their full-time job. Even if they successfully do the competition is fierce, to rise in the top not only to be very well known in the field, but to be trusted enough by various reputable newspapers to share your remarkable expertise and unrivaled knowledge.

Meet Rashed Ali Almansoori the UAE’s 30-year-old that is paving the way for youngsters to follow suit. He proved that despite having a university certificate in law and cyber security. He still makes sufficient time to be a leading journalist and also contributing to social media by helping people keep updated with the latest technology trends and updates. Most importantly, how to stay safe with the growing threats of cyber-attacks as an advanced cyber security expert.

The young man is always a step ahead and thus, through his consistent contribution in social media to benefit people he gained the admiration of many. His followers that total to millions anticipate his unique content. When asked about the amount of effort he pours to research and preparation of his content he said “Hard work becomes sweet when you are passionate about it and it gives people benefit” and added “It is my pleasure that people benefit from my work as this is the least, I can do to give back to my society”. But his society are not the only individuals that benefitted as he is popular among many people around the world.

Mr Almansoori has never stepped back from helping people and have become a verified digital creator from Snapchat as a creative partner for his unrivaled talent. He is now an official tech star that developed a lens that amassed 45 million views. But that does not end here, he developed a smart innovative device called UTAG that is making waves in the tech world as a compact water-resistant device that allows people to communicate and exchange information in an easy and remarkable way. His contributions has proved his place as an expert in the world of tech and for that he took his work to the next level as he gets invited to participate in various media outlets including Al-bayan newspaper as an admired journalist.

Almansoori is constantly on the go as the man and mind behind the growth of the digital space in the UAE. And for that, we wish him the best of luck for utilizing his unique talent to contribute new additions to the digital world.