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Rapper and Entrepreneur Benjiboykon’s Hauls for Rick Ross

How many of us can say that we worked with one of our favorite childhood idols? Well, it won’t be wrong to imagine that not many of us can. But such is not the case for entrepreneur and rap artist Benjiboykon.

Benji had always dreamt of working with his rap idols. But he did have to go through a number of trials and tribulations to get where he is now. His dreams finally started coming true when he hauled 1 of Rick Ross’s expensive cars. This article aims to capture his experience hauling for the famous celebrity and how he got the chance to haul for his rap sensation idol.


Who is Benjiboykon?

Benjiboykon is an entrepreneur from Chicago who grew up in the Southside of Illinois. Growing up, Bejiboykon had an idol in his father who was a successful businessman. His father used to be the owner of a real-estate and a trucking company. Having a successful father who could afford luxury homes and cars had a deep impact on Benjiboykon’s goals for his life.

Once Benjiboykon graduated from high school, he was faced with difficult choices in life. As it happens, he had to choose between going for a college degree or finding a job. Since he had a strong passion and penchant for Driving from an early age, Benjiboykon decided to get a class C license and started driving box trucks instead of going to college.

After serving as a truck driver for 3 years on the trot, Benji was ready to look for new endeavors in life as he felt that he was not getting the due respect that he deserves in his then-current profession. In his search for a new career quest, Benji took inspiration from wealthy people such as Robert Kiyosaki.

After a lot of deliberation and pondering, Benjiboykon decided to invest in the real-estate and car rental business. He established Benji Auto Transport which paved the ways for his transition from a job-holder to an entrepreneur.

Benjiboykon has become quite a revelation as an entrepreneur and rap artist at the age of just 29. The legend has garnered a lot of reputation for making lyrics that are very catchy to ears. Listeners say that his songs are extremely engaging that bear a message of persistence and dedication.

Benjiboykon is on a personal mission to retire at 40 as a multimillionaire and he seems pretty well on his way to earn this feat. His work ethic and strong desire to be wealthy is very palpable. Benjiboykon stands alone in his unique feature of being a hugely talented rapper and an astute businessman at the same time.

The promising rapper has a special style that combines old-school rap flair that is supplemented by hard-hitting beats that a lot of the audience really dig. As it happens, Benjiboykon’s style of rap is imbued with his personal touches and a necessary swag that makes his persona all the more charming to his fans.

How He Ended Up Hauling For Rick Ross 

In the year of 2022, Benji had an expected transport from one of his favorite rappers and role models. Months before that specific delivery, Benji told himself that one day he was going to transport for that special artist. Finally, his dream of transporting for his role model came true in the month of March.


Benji picked up a Lamborghini Urus to transport from the State of Georgia to his favorite artist. On his way to deliver the cars, Benji experienced some difficulty with his trailer. As a result, he lost all his hopes to deliver for his favorite artist. However, he did not let up and was adamant in his determination not to let his customer down.

Benji managed to fix his trailer through some unexpected turn of events and started back on his journey to deliver the products to his idol. As he was on his way to pick up the car, Benji realized that the house on the GPS was not covered on the GPS. After seeing a lot of green lands, Benji thought the place to be a church or a farm.

It was only getting very close to the exact place on the GPS, Benji realized that his dream had finally come true. His favorite role model Rick Ross who also goes by the name of William Leonard Roberts II had bought the Lamborghini for his daughter’s 20th birthday. Benji was surprisingly shocked and he had trouble expressing his mind. As his mind was racing 100 mp/h, Benji almost felt like he was at an amusement park.

Benji hit the road after loading the Lamborghini and headed off to Florida to drop off the big delivery surprise for Rick Ross’s daughter. After arriving at Florida, Benji got overly excited to deliver for Ross. Benji was motivated to go even harder and make efforts to do more business with Ross.

Benji’s Success Story as an Entrepreneur

Growing up in Chicago’s rough Southside neighborhood yet having a diligent, wealthy father shaped Benjiboykon into the man he is today. Today, he is a proud, hardworking man with a $600,000 network and no intention of stopping there.

Benjiboykon is converting pennies into possible millions through various enterprises, music, and consistency, with goals of gaining all of life’s luxuries while ensuring his family’s necessities are met.

Born Lawrence Gant, he is discreetly expanding his assets, making the moves of a seasoned businessman. Benjiboykon now owns five great real estate holdings, which provide a total yearly income of $90,000 per year. Benjiboykon is the sole owner of his family-run business, Benji Auto Transport, in addition to being a real estate investor.

The company focuses solely on delivering exotic vehicles, with guaranteed express shipment across the United States. Benji Auto Parts offers safe, quick shipment by employing an impenetrable enclosed trailer that prevents automobiles from being scratched or damaged while in transportation. Launched in 2020, the mushrooming firm is expected to make $25,000 per month, with an annual profit of over $300,000.

Benjiboykon may be seen promoting his passion of exotic vehicles through a rental company when he is not hauling fancy cars to his increasing customer base. He makes an estimated $30,000 each month by renting exotic automobiles.

Never one to be outdone, Benjiboykon hopes to create generational riches for himself, his family, and the larger community through his plans to buy property and launch his own commercial development company.

The astute businessman has always been a self-starter. In his formative years, he could be seen selling sweets, shoveling snow, and hawking false shoes until he ultimately founded his own landscaping firm.

Benjiboykon’s Journey So Far In The Rap Industry  

Benji suffered a deep personal loss in 2017 when his best pal Naeem lost his life in a car accident. Demise of Naeem in Benji’s life left a gaping hole in his heart as he had trouble expressing his grief to anyone about his loss.

After a few long months of wallowing in sadness, Benji finally got a way to express and channel his sadness through something; that is music. Benji started writing songs that conveyed his strong emotions.

One of the first videos of Benji got 10K viewers on YouTube, which was a pleasant surprise for Benji. This early success motivated him to write more songs and upload them on YouTube. As he rose in popularity, Benji befriended a lot of people in his life who helped him in his new path as a rapper. Today Benji is a unique example of being a successful entrepreneur cum artist.

What Motivates Benji and the Idols Benji Looks Up To

Benjiboykon is well aware that African Americans are not often taught financial literacy at a young age. Instead of going through life blindfolded, he made it his life’s purpose to financially edify himself while developing critical financial habits.

He attributes his continuous success to solid and prudent spending practices that prioritize asset acquisition above frivolous purchases of materialistic objects. Benji also rigorously adheres to Robert Kiyosaki’s teachings, which include leveraging good debt and using it to grow net worth.

When asked what drives him to continue increasing his net worth, Benji replies, “Watching millionaire mentors on YouTube, looking at things I can’t afford like 100k yachts and sometimes I even drive around in affluent neighborhoods and look at mansions. These things keep me pushing.”

Benji’s Plans for His Musical Career

Benjiboykon aspires to make music that not only entertains and inspires, but he is also prepared to lead a movement that emphasizes high-quality music videos. He wants to return music to a time when the main concern was quality and videos were a highly anticipated experience because they delivered a small cinematic tale.

Despite the fact that he is a multidimensional businessman with several commercial interests, Benjiboykon still has plenty of space to develop his musical career. The multi-talented musician and real estate investor has his sights set on creating game-changing music and fascinating videos in the next few years.

Follow Benjiboykon on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube to learn more about him. Benji Auto Transport also has an Instagram profile where you can learn more about the firm.

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