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Quannesia Thomas talks about providing effective credit restoration for her clients

Quannesia Thomas is the founder and CEO of Working Queens, a credit restoration business located in Houston, Texas. Having experienced her own financial troubles in the past, Quannesia knows how it feels to turn your situation around and enjoy the benefits of being financially free and literate, something that she wants to help her clients to achieve through her credit restoration services.

Quannesia also runs Working Queens Academy, a 21-day interactive course that sets students up with the skills they need to start their own credit restoration agency.

Quannesia kindly answered some questions about Working Queens and the important work she does through the business.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you developed your expertise in credit restoration?

Working Queens Financial Solutions is a business that started in 2018. At first, it was something that I had only considered doing part-time for close friends and family. However, in 2019 I decided to go full time with it. I desire to help as many women and men, become financially free and literate. While also educating these individuals on how to remain stable and break poor spending habits. I grew up in a household that did not speak on these topics. As I got older and learned the importance of it, it became a mission of mine to give this knowledge back to my community.

What is your process for working with a new client and helping them eliminate negative marks on their credit reports?

Our process for working with new clients is simple yet in-depth. We begin with a free detailed credit analysis. During this time with the client, we go over every aspect of their credit and explain how each item is affecting them – be it positive or negative. For the negative items, we explain our method in which we plan to assist. Lastly, we give each client suggestions on how they can increase their scores while enrolled in our program.

How long does it take to remove negative marks on credit reports?

Credit restoration can take 6-9 months on average. Each round takes about 30-45 days, from the moment a letter is mailed out until bureaus and creditors respond. All our letters are sent via snail-mail unless they’ve opted for our VIP packages. If clients have any bankruptcies, judgments or liens reporting – the process can take up to a year or longer. There are many moving parts to credit repair. So, patience is the name of the game. Our practices are 100% legal; therefore, it takes time.

What are some of the key features of your service that set you apart from other agents?

One of the main features that set us apart from most companies is our genuine desire to assist others in reaching their goals. Homeownership is a major life accomplishment, so to be apart of that and so many other dreams is an honor. Our clients receive 24/7 access to their portals, which allows them to track the progress of their journey at any time. They receive a monthly update and can schedule one on one calls at their convenience.

How have you structured the Working Queens University course to help others start their own credit repair firm?

Working Queens University is structured in a way that will set others up for success. When I first entered this industry, there were so many questions that I never received answers to. And I did not even know where to begin to look. So, I have taken all the beginning questions along with mistakes made and created a 21-day interactive course to offer. We have had successful students start their own businesses, restructure their businesses and even just use the information to help their families.

Do you have any future plans to expand your team/services?

It is ironic that you ask this question because we are hiring for customer service and sales currently. We have hundreds of clients and want to ensure that they all receive the same quality service. With that said, we are always looking to fine-tune our business model. Soon we will be looking to expand services as well. Be on the lookout for more financial and career packages!

Thank you for your time Quannesia!
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