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PTtheGospelspitter’s S.f.T.K. Blessed Run! Song hits iTunes #1 South Africa; #3 UK

The blessings just keep on coming for the “BadBoy of Gospel!”   Ashante “PT” Stokes, known as PTtheGospelspitter is running full favor ahead!   His single S.f.T.K. featuring Emcee N.I.C.E. (Grammy Award winner, Stellar Award Winner and multiple time Billboard Charting Artist) just recently hit Number One in South Africa on the Christian & Gospel iTunes Charts.  Now add a Number three iTunes placement for His smash  hit record on the UK (United Kingdom) Top 100 Christian & Gospel  Charts!   The exciting news arrived during production and principal photography for PTtheGospelspitter’s S.f.T.K (Service for The King) signatory SAG film.

PT is definitely running with the momentum of His record. He has a remix already in the works being produced by Grammy Nominated Producer Sam Peezy for the S.f.T.K. film.  Daily Scanner caught up with PT to get an inside scoop:

  • Give us some insight. How did your S.f.T.K. record come about?

PT:   I got connected with Emcee N.I.C.E. via social media some years ago.   He is a pillar in the CHH (Christian Hip Hop) Industry and I had been wanting to jump on a record with him for a long time.   I didn’t really know how to go about it.   But, I come from the train of thought that “a closed mouth doesn’t get fed.” I decided to reach out to him by direct message on social media.   I kept on changing up my wording in the message.   But, in the end it came down to me asking a simple question; “how may we go about collaborating on a record?”  Now, here we are!

  • You had a fairly successful run with your song and film, “Praise the Maker” in 2020. Did you know that  SfTK would do quite this well?

PT:   I’ll admit, I had a feeling the record would do well since Emcee N.I.C.E. agreed to be a part of it.   But, I would be lying to you if I said I knew it would go Number One on two BDS charts simultaneously and then do well internationally on the iTunes Charts.  (DS note: SfTK held number one on both the Gospel and CHH BDS internet radio charts March-May. BDS started the CHH chart in March making SfTK the first ever number one.)

  • What made you two decide to turn the single into a film?

PT:   Emcee N.I.C.E. and I were talking on the phone about how well the record was doing and that we needed to make a music video.  I mentioned to him how I prefer to turn the songs into short musical films instead of traditional music videos.  He mentioned to me about a concept for the film and I went to work on writing the script for the S.f.T.K. film.

  • What’s next for the S.f.T.K. record and film?

PT:   That’s a good question.   I guess I’m just waiting to see what YHWH says is next.  Gotta make sure The ABBA is on board with what comes next!

It’s always a Kingdom Business filled time when you speak with “The BadBoy of Gospel!”  Make sure you keep up with PTtheGospelspitter on Facebook/Instagram (PTtheGospelspitter) and Twitter (PTGOSPELSPITTER) as he continues on his HIStoric run with his single S.f.T.K.  Also stay connected with him at the links listed below.