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Psychic Nancy Mello discusses how she brings closure with passed pets and loved ones

The death of a pet or loved one, even when they’ve lived a long and happy life, is always tragic and can leave many questions unanswered that make the grieving process more difficult. Nancy Mello is a clairvoyant who seeks to help people get closure with both their passed loved ones, as well as passed pets too.

Nancy was able to answer a few questions about the work she does.

Hello Nancy, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I have always “known” things, ever since I was a little girl. I intrinsically knew there were people around me, unseen, trying to help me. I also sensed every Grandparent that passed over, which alarmed my parents in the Catholic household in which I was being raised.  From my pre-teen through my teenage years my mom, (trying to protect me) encouraged the use of anti-psychotics and anti-depressants to help what appeared to herself and doctors as a very anxious, depressed, child who sensed things that weren’t there. It wasn’t until I turned eighteen and went to University that with the help of a doctor, I was able to ween off most of the medications. Only then, my abilities came back. My need for acceptance and nightmares of being seen as “crazy” in my teenage years lead me to push my abilities down. For a while, I found born-again Christianity, where leaders convinced me my abilities were nothing more than the wishes of a lonely young woman. I found myself memorizing bible verses and repenting for the evil that I was told, was in my heart. I had a family member do an exorcism and use holy water to take, “the demons out me.” It was terrifying. I rebelled, denied, and attempted to normalize myself. It was only after a suicide attempt in Early 2019 that I realized I could not live a lie anymore- I could either kill myself or come clean with my abilities and accept the rejection and shame that I figured was waiting for me. Instead, I found welcoming arms in friends (“it’s about time! One friend texted me when I posted the news I was starting to do readings publicly) and peace within myself for the first time in my entire life.

What is your process for communicating with deceased people and pets? Did it evolve over time?

Since I can remember, I have been able to look at a picture and “know” things. I recall a boyfriend in my late twenties showing me a picture of his grandfather’s house and being able to tell him everything about it- from the swinging-rocking chair he made by hand to distinct memories that were created in the house. For people, I just need to see their eyes. Suddenly and very naturally, I am filled with information about that person through a stream of consciousness. The same can be said for pets- I only need to see their eyes and I “know” things about them. Over the past eighteen months of consistently doing readings, I have found that I do not need photos to read people. I do a weekly podcast and talk to people from all around the world. Even if someone uses a pseudonym, I am able to “tap in” to their energy and correctly answer their question. I am finding the same true for pets. I had an owner the other day want to know about her deceased pet, a chicken named, “Mama” that sadly, she had no photos of. I was able to connect with Mama and her energy, correctly identifying Mama’s love for running around in an area of the yard the owner created just for her, and for also terrorizing the dog. It gives me great joy and satisfaction to be able to help people in this way, even when they don’t have anything to show me to help in the reading.

Nancy Mello

How did you first start with readings and grow the service to where it is now?

When I started reading publicly, I was still recovering from depression and my suicide attempt. I had a middle of the night brainstorm to offer, “one question” to people. I realized that with my own struggle with depression and anxiety if someone was able to answer that “one question” for me, it would have helped calm my fears. I realized we had all that one question that would give us peace- the key was knowing what it was. I offered the questions over email. Questions started as a trickle, and then they started flowing in. I offered hour-long readings to connect with loved ones as well. My first one, I was able to help my client find a missing stuffed animal that her dad that had passed over had given to her as a child. I still have the text, and I recall knowing at that moment that I could do this. Six months into doing readings publicly, I had the privilege to travel to Chicago for the weekend for a reading. On the flight home, I happened to sit next to a service dog and his owner. I was delirious with exhaustion. I was trying to sleep, but suddenly I started “hearing” the dog tell me I needed to help his owner. Naturally, I thought I was losing it. I tried to ignore this dog’s insistent call for my help. Finally, I relented and wrote everything down the dog was telling me, as his owner slept peacefully next to me. When we landed, I handed her the note of everything the dog had told me. Her eyes welled with tears and told me she had never told anyone the things that this dog knew. That was the start of reading animals. About four months ago, someone randomly messaged me on social media and asked if I would help them find a lost dog that was diabetic. Within twelve hours of contacting me, the dog was found (in a diabetic coma) with key information I gave them. I am grateful to say that the dog’s family and I still keep in touch, and I now help with lost animals. Since then, I have helped find two other lost dogs.

What kind of circumstances make a pet or person harder/easier to communicate with after they have passed?

I shouldn’t jinx myself, but there hasn’t been one pet that I haven’t been able to connect with, living or passed over. I have connected with a family dog that passed over in the 1980s and those that passed minutes and hours ago. In regards to people, the only people I have never been able to communicate with are suicides, sadly. I will be able to tell you the situation that was surrounding their passing, what they were feeling, where they were found, but I will not be able to connect with the actual person. The joy in this is when I have connected with people that have passed over in which death was ruled a suicide, but in reality, it was accidental or foul play. There seems to be a relief that floods over my client’s face and a, “I knew it.” moment. For those true suicides, people can still get closure and relief in speaking with me. By understanding what their loved one was going through, they can let go of the guilt and “I could have done more.” It is truly a beautiful evolution of a reading to go through from my perspective because I can feel the person physically letting go of the pain they have been carrying around, sometimes for years.

How has COVID-19 impact how you offer your services?

I have always offered services virtually to my clients around the world. If anything, the need for virtual appointments has increased, even by local clients. Whereas I would meet a local client at a park or a local coffee shop to chat, now there seems to be more comfort in connecting from home. The comfort level for my clients increases, and I have joined client’s for a late-evening reading in pajamas and tea, or early morning clients join me with coffee in hand. It enhances the experience on both ends, as clients become friends over a shared experience and a warm beverage.

Thank you Nancy for your time!
You can follow up with Nancy Mello at or her Facebook page.