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Productivity checklist: 10 effective ways to achieve more

It’s easy to feel guilty when you let a day pass without achieving anything significant. What’s hard is proactively changing your daily habits to increase productivity. It’s a good thing that there are ways to start adjusting for maximized time and faster pace when accomplishing errands. No need to look further, we’ve compiled a checklist for you. Here are 10 effective ways to boost your productivity.


  • Start with a killer morning routine
    Fight off that sluggish feeling as soon as you wake up. Rise up on time and energize with a stretch. You can even go the extra mile with a workout and make sure to have a healthy breakfast!


  • Discipline over motivation
    Motivation is a fleeting concept it won’t always be there. Instead of relying on that, rely solely on practicing discipline.


  • List your priorities
    When you don’t exactly know where to start with your daily tasks you can end up feeling lost. List down your errands and categorize them according to priority.


  • Don’t work harder, work smarter
    Ever seem to complete multiple small tasks but still feel like your productivity levels are low? Then you should start accomplishing tasks with the most impact on your overall work. Use resources to your advantage with task managing apps.



  • Set clear boundaries
    Don’t try to take on everything at the same time. Shift your focus on accomplishing tasks and do away with distractions.


  • Manage your time
    Segment your time in increments and give yourself controlled breaks in between. Control is the key. Don’t let your break times go beyond your self-imposed limits.


  • Ask for a hand
    If certain tasks can be accomplished more efficiently with a little help, don’t be afraid to ask. Not everything can be done on your own after all.


  • Identify your peak productivity time
    And take advantage of it. If you feel most productive in the morning, that’s the best time to handle more tedious tasks.


  • Start saying “no”
    If you’re being assigned errands that are piling up your workload then it’s time to start saying “no”. Knowing your limits helps you accomplish your work efficiently.


  • Get your nightly dose of sleep
    Sleeping on time will help you rise on time. Make sure to stay consistent with your bedtime routine to get the rest you need.