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President of Mrs. Universe UAE and a Top Fashion and Events Personality Diana Gerrard Creates Ripples of Growth in the Industry Across the UAE.

With her growing presence and prominence in her endeavours, she is determined in her goals to strengthen UAE’s positive image, tourism, new markets, and more.

There are tons of talented beings working across different industries of the world who, in their own unique way, go ahead in creating their own success stories. These talented beings are those who make sure never to leave an opportunity untouched; instead, they work their fingers to the bone to get ahead of the curve in their respective industries as self-determined and driven professionals. We saw how the President/National Director of Mrs. Universe UAE, Diana Gerrard did the same as a top fashion and events personality, who, for over a decade, has been creating ripples of growth in these niches across the UAE with her meaningful ventures.

While managing many hats on her head, being a sought-after event organizer, Founder/Chief Executive Officer of DLK Fashion Shows, charity ambassador, Emirate’s Business Woman Council, an international producer, and an entrepreneur, she won the title of Mrs. Earth Middle East in 2021, showcasing how women are capable of achieving anything and everything at any stage in their lives, if they put their minds and hearts to it and work determinedly.

As the President of Mrs. Universe UAE, she is determined in her goal to popularize and strengthen the positive image of the United Arab Emirates in the world arena by strengthening international relations, tourism, and new markets. With her company, she aims to celebrate the development of culture, exchange of experiences, demonstrate the beauty and highlight the traditions and hospitality of the UAE. Diana Gerrard also points out how, fortunately, people have gone beyond their skewed mindsets where beauty was only attached to looks and appearance. She is glad people associate beauty with much more beyond appearances and understands beauty as a whole.

“Beauty is in someone’s personality, intelligence, values, and everything they contribute to the world and humanity, and that is something that makes them beautiful,” she quotes. Further, Diana Gerrard (@diana_gerrard_new) adds that becoming a beauty queen acts as a confirmation that working for one’s goals and doing what one is passionate about always leads people to success.