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Pratulya Sharma, the man behind SC Media and Technologies is showing exemplary work in digital marketing

In today’s day and age, it takes a lot of effort and dedication to prove oneself. One needs innovative ideas and their proper execution to outshine others in the modern competitive world. One such young genius that we are proud to have is Pratulya Sharma, the founder of SC Media and Technologies Private Limited. He is India’s youngest millionaire at the age of 18 and has shown phenomenal work in digital marketing by illustrating his remarkable entrepreneurial skills.  

About Pratulya Sharma

Pratulya Sharma is born and brought up in a middle-class family in India. Thus, he is a self-made entrepreneur without any financial support. With his expertise, more than 2,000+ people have got their social media accounts grown to another level. Pratulya also helped companies with their leads generation. He owns a company named SC Media and Technologies.  It has a massive clientele worldwide and has published thousands of stories about leaders and brands throughout the world. His passionate and committed behavior has helped him attain the heights of success.

Pratulya’s remarkable work 

 Sharma has been working with Billion dollar MNCs in 20 different countries that have 2,000+ clients. Some of his top and well-known clients are Lady Gaga, Akon, Xavier’s group, T- Series, Zee Music, and many more. He is the owner of SC Media and Technologies Private Limited, which has crossed USD 2,00,000 in only four months. At present, Pratulya is working with billion-dollar MNCs and more than 700 Clients in 30 countries. Many agencies cannot provide quality services to major clients as digital marketing is dynamic. Therefore, the companies have to be updated at all times to offer the best quality services. SC Media is one of the companies that can provide top-notch services in its field.

Pratulya’s opinion on digital marketing

According to Pratulya, digital marketing encourages innovation and teaches to adopt new approaches to the problems. The profession of Digital marketing brings positive changes to one’s life, such as the ability to adapt and perform innovatively. ‘One should enter into the field after ensuring that this is the path he/she wants to follow.’ states Pratulya. He advises to start with a website, wherein it will be required to nurture visitors and conduct email marketing. Both are a crucial part of social media marketing. He suggests that one should focus on these points before learning advanced marketing skills to become an excellent digital marketer.