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PodNu: Book Insights and Podcast

With so many books to choose one, finding the next good read is a real challenge. Fortunately, PodNu ( entered the scene.

This podcast player and book insights app are perfect for people who love to read but has no time to do so or those who love listening to podcasts. This app also provides book reviews and recommendations.

PodNu is designed to get rid of issues, like difficulty at finding good reads. It makes reading even more enjoyable than ever. Besides offering interpretations of various genres and helpful summaries, it also comes with a powerful, innovative podcast engine and player.

Getting more interested in PodNu? Keep reading and discover everything about this app.

What is PodNu 

PodNu is a book insights and podcast player app developed by Wei Yi Culture and Media AB. It is dedicated to iOS users and provides the book’s essence and interpretation every week. This app is helpful to those who could not find time to read or pick the right book.

Developers of this app have created different social media communities on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. That way, users can easily interact with each other and even share their thoughts or ideas about books and podcasts.

Highlights of Using PodNu 

PodNu features unique insights into the most wonderful books in the world, exclusive episodes, access to tons of podcast search engines, and excellent sound quality. Unlike other apps like headway, Castbox, 12min, and Blinkist, this one is ad-free.

Users have a chance to download audiobooks and podcasts for offline listening while enabling background play. The app also features a free section, where users can share podcast episodes for free and listen to them without signing up or logging in.

New users can enjoy the seven-day free trial once they sign up. The monthly subscription fee is $7.99, while the annual subscription fee is $79.99. Paying the subscription fee allows the users to access all the features and premium episodes on PodNu.

Here are some of the highlights of using PodNu:

Listen to Book Summaries 

PodNu enables the users to explore free and premium book insights. Whether the users want book summaries and experience books without reading them or look for the latest book recommendations, this app is a great companion.

Podcast Player 

The podcast player is easy to use. Users can download episodes, bookmark their favorite episodes, increase specific episodes’ speed, and use AirPlay features. They can also use the skip forward or backward settings to control the complete experience of podcast listening. Plus, all podcasts come in the best quality to ensure users can happily and satisfyingly appreciate the content.

Find Podcasts 

This app is built with an advanced podcast finder, letting the users discover podcasts that can match their interests. They can find new podcasts that can improve their life or everyday living, from Politics and Education podcasts to Fitness and Health podcasts. Users can also search podcasts by keywords and easily find their favorite podcasts or something they cannot find elsewhere.


Besides book and podcast recommendations, users can also discuss specific podcasts and books with each other. The app’s community helps them expand their life horizons. Users can join the community through the following social media links:






Top Features of PodNu 

With PodNu, book lovers can have a speed reading experience and go through bestsellers and favorite novels. This innovative app enables everyone to read the entire book over the weekend. Since it is compatible with smartphones, users can access the podcast engine or summary section anytime, anywhere.

The app provides an improved book discovery method – one that is more rewarding and efficient. It comes with book sections filled with recommendations, summaries, and insights for book lovers of all ages and interests. In other words, they can spend less time sifting through plenty of books and then focus on the book they love to read.

Meanwhile, podcasts are among the popular content today since anyone can listen to them with ease. People can listen to podcasts when supplementing their knowledge or learning, as a background, or on commute. So, it is a good thing that PodNu is not a book summary app but also useful as a podcast search engine and player.

Users can use the advanced podcast finder to get the content that best suits their reading interests. The app allows them to choose from a wide array of topics, including Art, Health and Fitness, Politics, Entertainment, and more.

Below are some of the top features of PodNu users can enjoy while using the app:

  • Book insights exclusive episodes
  • Unique insights into the most bestsellers and all-time favorite novels
  • Little time to decide which books users want to commit to and read them thoroughly
  • Find more with the podcasts search engine
  • Ad-free and search podcasts by keyword
  • Download play and background play
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Handy podcast players features, such as speed up, Airplay, favorite, go to next episode, and fast backward/forward

Why People Love PodNu 

PodNu offers features that provide users with the book’s interpretation and essence weekly. It offers tons of exclusive episodes about books, letting them discover new reads, make their lives better, and so much more.

The app gives users unique insights into the most wonderful books that most people enjoy from different parts of the world. A wide variety of categories to choose from is available for users so that they can explore different genres and pick the one that best suits their reading style, interest, or requirements. Even if people do not have so much time for reading, the app is effective at helping them commit and read through appropriately and enjoyably.

The sound quality for podcasts is excellent. Users can easily navigate the app and use the download play and background play features. They can also join the app’s community to meet other book and podcast lovers to share their thoughts and ideas.

What are you waiting for? Download the app now!

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