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PJ Matlock On the Challenges Day Traders Face

The stock markets are challenging and have proved to be a tough nut to crack for a lot of investors. It is highly volatile and unpredictable with so many dramatic changes happening all the time. Investors need to stay abreast with market trends and conditions to predict the stocks and make the right investment decisions. It becomes more challenging when the investors have to predict the stocks that will perform well on a particular day. Day trading is hard and it is one of the reasons why a lot of people stay away from it.


Day traders buy and sell stock positions within the same day, banking on the possibility of cashing in and making a profit. They are also known intraday traders who are great risk takers and have an excellent mastery of the stocks.


PJ Matlock is an experienced day trade expert who doubles as the Atlas Trading stock chat room CEO. He is among the world’s top stock traders making big money moves in the trading world. His success in trading stocks is unmatched and he inspires thousands across the globe. Atlas Trading has grown to become a top-tier trading group attracting over 250,000 members on Discord. Matlock shares his daily stock picks and information on stocks on his verified Twitter handle and the Atlas Trading chat room.


Can you believe Matlock made over $3 million within six months from an investment of $30K? Well, there is more. Believe it or not, he is on a nearly 200 consecutive days winning streak trading stocks with no loss on any single day. Yes, that’s how good he is in day trading.


Matlock highlights the following to be among the everyday challenges he faces in day trading.


  1. The odds will never be in your favor

The outcome remains uncertain while you have to constantly look for information to take a position. Remember, that too little and too much information can cloud your judgment. When you know that you’re getting overwhelmed with information, it is best to take a step back and come to conclusions with the best information you have in hand.


  1. High risk to lose money

Recent studies revealed that most day traders stand a higher chance of losing their money than those involved in longer trades. You are required to make good decisions within a limited time frame that makes it difficult to be a successful day trader.


  1. Emotional decisions

Human beings are emotional in nature and react to different situations based on their emotions. Day trading requires quick and fast thinking, and in some cases, emotions can take charge of your decisions. For instance, a trader is bound to naturally get excited when the prices of a stock go high and more people pump in more money.


  1. Keeping up with market changes

Imagine being in a situation where your investment can be lost in a matter of minutes. As a day trader, you have to monitor the various market changes and analyze them to help in your trades.


You can get in touch with Matlock on his Facebook and Instagram for information on stocks and stock picks.