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PianobyG’s Upcoming Song, “ghost In my room”, Charts 4 Months Before Release

Fast-rising pianist,  PianobyG has again broken the record with his latest project, “ghost In my room”. The song, which is yet to release, is already a trending sound, ranking at #99 on iTunes pre-orders. “ghost In My room” charted #99 on pre-orders in October, with many praising the unique style.

“Ghost in my room” is a smooth, soulful track with beautiful melodies, PianobyG has borrowed from various styles and previous projects to create a timeless and meaningful single.

His unique sound, style, and impeccable dexterity set him apart in the highly-crowded music industry. PianobyG’s music is different. It focuses more on telling a story. “ghost in my room” is set to drop this coming month, February 24, and is part of PianobyG’s upcoming album, Mad at The World.

The album, which will drop this year, contains “Paradox”, “You and the Moon”, “ghost in my room”, and others. According to PianobyG, he will be releasing five singles from the album before the official album launch date (June 23).

PianobyG’s fantastic work has been recognized by notable names in the industry, including AWAL and Entourage MGMT. PianobyG recently signed with Entourage MGMT, he will be meeting with a major label in the coming weeks.

His advice to others in the industry is to invest in their brands and craft and, most importantly, fight for it. There will be challenges, and waiting for the right time is a big lie on your side as there is never a perfect time, PianobyG says. Rather than living a life of regrets, just go for it.

To learn more about PianobyG’s upcoming projects, including “Ghoss In My Room” and the album, Mad at the World, check out his Instagram and Spotify. “Ghost In My Room” will be out on February 24 on all streaming platforms.