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Dr. Jonathan Kung

Physician Jonathan Kung is a sharp-dressing and fitness-loving doctor making motivational waves

If you take a look at Dr. Jonathan Kung’s Instagram page, you will see a sharply-dressed Asian American man who loves staying physically active. Dr. Kung, or Jonny as he likes to be called, practices what he preaches, which is definitely on-brand for him. He wants to be an inspiring example to everyone, including other Asian American men who want to break out of the mold reinforced by society for them.

This physician emphasizes his passion for fitness, healthy living, pursuing your passions, traveling, and using fashion to improve how you feel about yourself. He regularly doles out free advice on living a healthy and active lifestyle. For him, balance in life is key to being healthy and happy.

Living life to the fullest while within the world of medicine is something Dr. Kung has managed to do exceedingly well. When he’s not taking patients as a gastroenterologist trained in advanced interventional endoscopy, he is resistance training at the gym, playing sports like soccer and basketball, or spending downtime with the people he loves the most. He also makes it a point to travel and find fulfillment through experiences, rather than things.

Jonny’s passion is multifaceted. He loves helping others through the modern marvels of medicine, improving his patients’ quality of life by encouraging them to live a healthy lifestyle, and express himself through fashion. This is one doctor that knows how to dress to the nines.

Dr. Kung is often promoting overall physical and mental health wellness because he understands how vital this is to prevent life-threatening health issues down the road. Tying into this is maintaining a proper work/life balance. Doctors are especially prone to working long hours, sometimes over 24 hours at a time. If they don’t make the time for some rest and scheduled recreation, they are going to see their stress levels elevated for prolonged periods of time, which leads to major health issues.

As someone who takes health very seriously, he is often motivating others, such as the 77,000 followers of his Instagram page, to pursue an active lifestyle while eating healthier. In his opinion, this is better than taking medication or going on fad diets. Physical movement provides a tremendous number of benefits, which is why it has become the cornerstone of the treatment regimen he recommends to his patients.

As a motivational teacher in his own right, Jonny has helpful advice for achieving the kind of success he has. He says to “Surround yourself with people who have the same purpose and motivation. Invest your energy in people who share the same work ethic and value the same goals. Move forward; don’t look back. Remember, it’s your life, your choices.”

Dr. Kung is doing everything he can to get more people moving and practicing an active lifestyle. He has seen firsthand just how profoundly powerful it is for improving physical, mental, and emotional health.

You can follow Jonathan Kung on Instagram @jonny_kay