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How Peter Szalontay Has Led DataMilk to Become the Top Ecommerce UX Automation Company in the Industry

Peter Szalontay expects results like any other CEO, but faster than most. This is partly why his company, DataMilk, promises results in one hour versus taking months when it comes to its unique smart artificial intelligence (AI) user experience (UX) ecommerce automation. In fact, the company delivers enterprise optimization 10x faster than the competition.

“I tend to focus more on the speed to achieve results; company leaders are always aware of revenue and results. That is why we help them get to where they want to be in one hour versus having to endure a process over months,” stated Szalontay. “People are always looking for ideas as to what they can do to enhance their UX. Our response to that is giving them free optimization ideas by inviting them to join DataMilk.”

Szalontay arrived in the U.S. from Budapest, Hungary, to attend the University of California, LA (UCLA) with a pre-existing advanced education in mathematics. His knowledge and skills, combined with the right opportunities and pursuit of the ‘American Dream’, landed him a job at a startup after he graduated with a company that developed an assimilation app for immigrants.

After a few years, he landed a position at Google as a product manager on its search team. His first big project required him to build a team of over 1,000 employees, spanning three different continents, to create ads to test and run via creative automation. The result was a new $100 million line of business in just six months. His next project was aimed at linking automation and copywriting which, over the next four years, grew into a multibillion-dollar project that would eventually become Google’s primary advertising platform — Responsive Search Ads.

Szalontay, having accomplished so much at Google, got the entrepreneurial itch to found his own company. Using his life savings to make his ambition a reality, he launched a food delivery business that targeted middle-class and lower-income families. However, just as it did for most, COVID-19 threw a wrench in his plans, but the experience taught him how vital it is to build a more secure company, backed by a strong team and culture, which resulted in the creation of DataMilk.

“My goal is to surround myself with people so smart that they make me uncomfortable and take us on a joyful journey and create financial prosperity for everyone involved — our customers, team, and investors,” he said.

DataMilk Has Arrived

DataMilk generates massive and impressive additional profit with little to no effort, unlike other e-commerce technology companies. The company’s smart AI UX automation, which delivers 10x results in 5 minutes, not months like most typical A/B testing, provides solutions.

“In this new age of AI, e-commerce brands shouldn’t need to employ Google-level expensive engineers to build high-quality UX that maximizes profit,” said Szalontay.

This VC-funded and high-growth startup was founded by the team that developed the AI UX optimization for Google search ads. Additionally, the company comprises UX experts and data scientists who have all worked at companies like Mozilla, Google, and Facebook.

E-commerce brands are empowered and rival big tech companies when partnering with DataMilk because it delivers a level of AI UX optimization comparable to that of companies like Amazon and TikTok.

The company’s smart components operate under sophisticated data engineering and ranking models. Furthermore, DataMilk has proven capabilities that ensure thousands of A/B tests run simultaneously, all while optimizing the UX over the AOV, CTR, and general revenue.

Since DataMilk is a fully-automated solution that doesn’t require additional product or engineering work after integration, it can provide clients with the fastest possible results of UX optimization. No months-long engineering and design initiatives are required. In fact, profits for publicly-traded e-commerce companies have seen an increase of 6–12% via smart component distribution, like that with predictive quick-nav carousels. The components are actually plugged into an existing site, not requiring database integration or re-platforming, and the software begins functioning immediately, which can be monitored and measured on a client dashboard.

With integration demos proving the staggering results and possibilities for exponential growth readily available, joining the DataMilk network promises to propel any e-commerce brand.

About DataMilk

DataMilk is an AI UX optimization tool that delivers revenue growth for enterprise level eCommerce brands in 1 hour, not months. Get results without any extra investment in hiring or infrastructure. Clients see conversion rate and profit growth from day 1 supported by advanced AI automation and real-time ROI tracking at all times. For more information on how to join and build the next generation of UX, please visit