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Paul Vigario CEO of the Game Changing Dental IT Company SurfCT continues to improve the operation of over 12,000 practices

IT systems in the medical world are an essential thing to implement for a practice’s smooth and effective operation. Paul Vigario is the mastermind behind SurfCT, the company aiming to deliver these systems in an easy and automated way.

Serving over 12,000 practices and only continuing to grow, SurfCT has changed the way in which Dental IT and Medical IT is implemented and is at the forefront of innovation for the Healthcare IT industry.

Hi Paul, can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you became interested in dental IT?

I became interested when I was in college at the University of Connecticut. I was undertaking my degree in Computer Information Systems and started to focus on Healthcare IT Systems. When I saw how technology and the proper healthcare systems could improve the lives of patients, doctors and the teams in private practices, I saw a win for all. The ability to combine my passion and love of people and technology. I set about blending this along with real healthcare IT Systems knowledge, deep knowledge to improve healthcare outcomes for all.

When did you decide to start

It was actually a college project that consisted of 2 questions.

  1. Could a doctor in private practice benefit from having a complete IT Department as a resource for their private practice? Everyone in class said YES.
  2. Was it financially feasible for a doctor in private practice to have a complete IT Department?

Everyone in class said it was not financially feasible. While it was a noble idea, the costs of a full IT department were not sustainable for a single doctor in private practice.

That’s where SurfCT started.  Everyone agreed it was a good idea but that money was the problem. I don’t think money should get in the way of a good idea so I wrote a paper that showed how we could make it happen. My idea was to divide the cost of a complete healthcare IT department by thousands of doctors! This would make it a real unique powerful resource for doctors and a win for all involved. This all happened while I was in college in 2003. Today SurfCT has been the IT partner of choice in over 12,000 private dental and medical practices.

What services does offer?

We offer a range of services that are meant to create a complete system to help doctors grow at every level of their career.

We help connect your vision, design, technology, treatment philosophies and brand into a complete system.  A system that helps your dental practice or medical practice to become automated and grow. Think of a local coffee shop vs a Starbucks. We turn local coffee shops / private practices into Starbucks with the systems that have patients “wanting” to go there. It’s really about taking all the elements needed for success and digitizing them into a complete digital workflow and healthcare system. When we show doctors what we do they often say wow I knew I always wanted this but never knew this was possible. It’s pretty amazing.

Why do you think it is important for dental practices / businesses to invest in tech support?

Technology is the foundation of all great businesses these days. You want to make sure you have the right technology and IT support to ensure smooth and frictionless automation. Day in and day out we can help you run smoothly.  And I am not just talking about the IT.  We go beyond that, I am talking about the actual systems that create automation and power your practice growth.

Why is it useful for businesses to outsource this work to a company like yours?

Our knowledge is like no one else’s. We have worked with over 12,000 practices and you learn what works well and what doesn’t.  It like we have perfect 2020 vision.  We can anticipate what’s coming. Combine this deep industry knowledge with our ability to automate healthcare and dental practices and you have a special sauce that is game changing for our clients’ growth.

What can dental clinics expect the process to be like when they hire your services?

Fun, creative, innovative, game changing. It’s a collaborative process where we show you all that is possible and you choose the systems that best fits your vision.  Most of our clients are dentists but we also work with many plastic surgeons and med-spas.  For us it’s amazing to work with our doctors and clients and watch them grow beyond what they could have initially imagined. We like to say we don’t do IT to you, we do IT for you. Our client videos on our Instagram are a great example of this:

Finally, what would you say makes your company unique?

No one knows how to connect things the way we do. We have a very unique value proposition in our offering.  A complete IT department that knows where you are going and can help get you there.

SurfCT helps get doctors to their destination, realize their vision and achieve their dreams and goals more precisely and faster. We go beyond technology and we mean it when we say Everything Is Connected™ its not just our tag line. This real understanding, deep knowledge, and automation is a game changer for our clients.

Thank you Paul for your time!
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