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Patriot and Air Force Veteran Ashley Belle Baker Speaks Her Truth

As a proud American citizen, Ashley Belle Baker has gained notoriety for her opinionated social media presence. After earning the respect of peers and colleagues during her time in the US Air Force, she is now an advocate for other athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Her 19 years in the air force taught her all about strength and resilience and shaped her into the passionate woman that she is today. Her key message is all about helping other transgender people find a home on the right wing of politics and encouraging them to pursue their fitness goals.

As a trans athlete, Ashley Belle Baker is no stranger to the discourse around this topic. As a conservative woman and avid Trump supporter, she believes that the left go too far when it comes to this subject and hopes to deliver her own input into the conversation. On social media, she speaks out on what she believes in and shares her own truth living as a Trans woman and proud American.

Dialogue is extremely important, especially when it comes to controversial topics, and Ashley Belle Baker is known for her conversations with others on these topics that are important to her. She has spoken with people such as Buck Angel and Gothix, providing her point of view on transgender and other political issues.


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As a dedicated athlete herself, Ashley Belle Baker is also encouraging of helping other trans people find a space where they can pursue their fitness goals with confidence. She is personally an attendant of renowned Missouri gym, The House of Pain in Chesterfield. It is here that she is training for the 2022 Crossfit Open and she speaks very highly of the equipment and the experienced trainers that are there to assist anyone on their fitness journey.


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Ashley Belle Baker has become an inspiration for other transgender athletes and continues to share her opinions through talks with others and through her social media channels. You can find her on Instagram and on YouTube to hear more about what she has to say.

Air Force Veteran Ashley Belle Baker

You can follow Ashley at @ashley_belle_824

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