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Parallel’s World-Changing Idea Will Change the Way You Think About Your Skin

Parallel Health is leading the skin care industry into a world of targeted, effective, and truly personalized skin care. With a first-of-its-kind Skin Microbiome Discovery Kit, Parallel analyzes your skin’s microbiome and uses the results to provided personalized microbiome-based skincare products and prescriptions for effective treatment.

Parallel recognizes that we are all different and have unique skin microbiomes. Because of our differences, generic treatments are often disappointing; what is good for one person may simply not work for another. By using sequencing technology, Parallel helps youunderstand your skin microbiome type and skin age, and from there, the company’s team of experts and clinicians can recommend and prescribe skin health formulations that will work best for you.

The founders of Parallel, Natalise Kalea Robinson and Dr. Nathan Brown, realized the importance of this new technology after looking for the right treatment themselves.

For Natalise, growing up, she was always an avid runner and dancer, but because she was so active, her skin started to break out. In her search to solve this problem, she decided to use a popular over-the-counter product containing benzoyl peroxide.

Sadly, while the product did keep her skin from breaking out, it made her skin really dry and red. After a few years of use, she decided to go see an aesthetician who promptly told her: “Stop using that stuff! It’s prematurely aging your skin.”

Realizing that the aesthetician was right, she stopped using the product and eventually found that other solutions worked better, without the damaging side effects. One of the best solutions she discovered was a high-titer phage serum, made by Dr. Nathan Brown. .

Meanwhile, as Dr. Brown was growing up, he always experienced pretty dry skin. While he didn’t experience breakouts as much as others, he did have to deal with minor bouts of eczema. In addition, as a kid, he never used sunscreen, which he now regrets as he is now dealing with sun damage and pre-mature aging. He explains: “My personal skin goal is to prevent more sun damage and reduce inflammation to keep my skin texture and tone as youthful as I can. I’ve found that a high-titer phage serum can calm skin by targeting specific bad bacteria, thereby reducing not only blemishes and breakouts but also low-level inflammation, and slowing aging. I’m excited to bring this technology to the world with Parallel.”

While Natalise is the brains behind the marketing and branding of Parallel, Dr. Brown is  the anchor that provides the science and technology underpinning the company. He has a Ph.D. in Microbiology, and he has been involved in cutting-edge developments in microbiome skincare and therapeutic treatments in the last decade.

The pair, along with their team, are leading the charge into innovative skin health solutions. The company has amassed the largest data set in the world on the skin microbiome using whole genome sequencing.

As a result, the company is able to effectively target skin issues like blemishes and breakouts, skin dryness, aging, redness, discoloration, and body odor. Instead of constantly searching for the right skin care products, Parallel makes it easy by first understanding the skin microbiome of each individual and then providing personalized treatments.

Parallel’s cutting-edge research and new developments in skin care treatments have resulted in their tremendous success in being able to effectively treat each individual based on their actual needs. Looking towards the future, Parallel is poised to lead the way in personalized, precision medicine.