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Pagoda Mall New Capital

The investments in this project amount to about 400 million pounds, and the one responsible for the establishment and continuity of the project is Acadia Real Estate Development Company early, and Pagoda Mall is a project in the Administrative Capital and it is a mixed-use complex, which contains medical, commercial, administrative and other units … etc. The project is located in the heart of The Downtown area, with a direct view of the Green River, and the main axis of Mohammed bin Zayed.

Many people talk about Pagoda Mall, the administrative capital, as a great investment opportunity, so do you know why, dear reader?

This is because it is the first of its kind to offer units in the franchise system, where Acadia has contracted with major international brands to obtain the right to use trademarks, in stores, in return for a percentage of the profits, whereby the customer receives 75% of the profits, compared to 25% for the trademark in exchange for the right to use it.

Now, dear reader, let’s talk more about Pagoda Mall, the administrative capital.

Pagoda Mall, the capital, offers you the best location in the Downtown area, directly in front of the Dahab Market, first row on a main street, and near all the main landmarks in the capital, most notably:

It is also located near the government district, and the monorail station.

It is located next to the Mosque of Egypt, and the Downtown Towers.

Very close to the people’s square.

It is also close to the Islamic Cultural Complex.

It is characterized by its proximity to the best and most important projects in the Downtown area, such as Cennet Mall, the administrative capital, Uni Tower 1, the administrative capital, etc.

Now the question comes here, what are the spaces of the Pagoda Mall units in the Administrative Capital?

Offers several packages for both (administrative, commercial and medical units)

The mall consists of a ground floor + 10 floors, and it will be under the management of a European company.

We also note that the floors from the third to the tenth are available for administrative units with areas starting from 22 square meters.

The commercial units are available on the ground + first + second floors, with areas starting from 14 m2.

The units are also available in smart, distinctive, and modern designs.

What services Pagoda Mall Administrative Capital?

Green spaces, landscapes and aesthetic water formations.

A fine group of restaurants and cafés are available.

As well as the latest elevators.

Advanced fire alarm systems, fire extinguishing, and emergency exits are also available.

Fully secured garage.

There are also private entrances to the administrative and medical units.

Display screens, multi-use rooms, and a meeting room.

A gym and spa are also available.

Especially maintenance services, cleaning, reception, etc. are available.

Integrated security services are also available, such as surveillance cameras, and security personnel around the clock.

Internet service and central air conditioning.

Electricity backup generators are also available.

And now we come to the most important question, what are the prices and payment systems?

Administrative units: the price per square meter starts from 21 thousand pounds.

Commercial units: The price per square meter in the units located on the first floor starts from 75,000 pounds.

As for the commercial units located on the ground floor, the price per square meter starts from EGP 90,000.

These prices are available with various payment systems as follows:

10% down payment, and the rest over 6 years.

Or pay 15% down payment, and the rest over 7 years.

You can also pay 20% down payment, and installments up to 8 years.

Or pay 25% down payment, and installments over 9 years.

The question here is when you buy a unit from Pagoda Mall, the administrative capital, what will your unit include?

Your business unit will include the following from the first contracting day:

Unit ownership contract.

With a contract extension for (Brands) in your unit.

In addition to the right to manage and operate  )frenchise )

Also, please note that everything mentioned is documented in papers and contracts, and is not a hypothetical talk, in order to fully guarantee the client’s right. Which will be under the management of a European company, with a mandatory lease, not a mandate for 9 years.