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Owner of floss dental, Dr. Mike Tran combines business and dentistry to find success

Hard work and dedication are the real secrets to unlock future opportunities. Dr. Mike Tran is a living example of this. Today, Dr. Mike Tran is one of the top dentists in Houston and is the owner of Floss Dental. He is also a top 1% Invisalign seller and specializes in veneers. Dr. Mike Tran and his team at Floss Dental can help anyone facing any type of dental issue.

His introduction sums up his success in the Dental industry but his formula of pairing business with his craft is a different story. Like all successful people, opportunities never came to Dr. Mike Tran served on a silver platter. He had to put his heart and soul into honing his craft to reach where he is today.

Born on July 6, 1981, in a refugee camp in Thailand, life was never easy for Dr. Michael Tran. His family migrated to the US to escape communist Vietnam. He grew up seeing his parents fighting poverty. His father worked as a landscaper and his mother as a maid to make ends meet. From here he learned the real lessons of life. With hard work and persistence, the family was able to start a dry cleaning business. This taught Dr. Mike, the value of dedication and determination.

Dr. Mike Tran Floss Dental

Dr. Mike Tran graduated in 1999 from Dulles High School in Sugar Land, Texas. He moved on to pursue higher education in Business Management at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. His life experiences have always pushed him to put in additional effort to stay ahead. This is the reason why he always had an edge over his peers. To brush up on his business skills he even started managing his family’s dry cleaning business for practical experience. During this time he was offered an internship at Yale University where he was exposed to active C-level executives managing large corporations in the US.

He wanted to explore more career opportunities to unlock diverse ways to succeed in his life. Soon after his Business Management degree, he started working on MBA in finance and real estate. At this time, he felt an urge to be in the medical field. He had always wanted to help and heal people and this was the way to accomplish his dreams. When he got an opportunity to study dentistry at Howard College of Dentistry he wasted no time enrolling himself there. He soon discovered his true calling. After his initial experience with Dentistry, he applied for another dental program at Houston’s Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD), and got accepted there.

At AEGD, he earned the award for “Critical Thinking” or “Smartest Resident Award” for his class. The student who demonstrates a better understanding of the curriculum and answers a maximum number of complex questions wins this award. He wanted to explore the clinical side of dentistry so he enrolled himself in a course in Hiossen AIC. His natural understanding of surgery was so good that he was offered to teach live surgery implant courses.

He had faced a lot of challenges in opening his first clinic of ‘Floss Dental’ at Magnolia, TX. There has been no looking back since then. His kind interaction and healing abilities have now made ‘Floss Dental’ the fastest growing retail brand in dentistry. Floss Dental is headquartered in Houston and has about 12 locations in North Texas. The brand will soon expand to Ohio, Georgia, and US Virgin Islands.

Dr. Mike Tran truly showed the world that hard work and determination are two of the most important tools to overcome any challenges in life.