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OVERHYPED says the critics- Basketball Phenom Ja’Monti Wright has heard it all

Overhyped, overrated, and subpar. Those are three of the most common ways that NCAA Basketball class of 2022 guard, Ja’Monti Wright, is described whenever he happens to be the topic of conversation. Yes, I am also fairly confident that many of his harshest critics know that he is the darkhorse in his class, but NBA trainers are pointing out that he is a rising star.

Essentially, whenever a prospect possesses any sort of weakness during their high school career, individuals who appear to have something against that player quickly arrive at the conclusion that they are “garbage” or “trash”. In case you haven’t noticed, that is one major problem in the basketball community that probably won’t disappear anytime soon.

It makes you think if anyone even bothered to take a look at their entire game or seen them in any individual workouts before determining how they really feel about them. Patience should be one of the main keys when it comes to evaluating high school prospects, but unfortunately, many people expect these high school players to have everything figured out in high school.  This is totally unrealistic.  Let’s be clear, college coaches don’t spend their time searching for perfect players because if they did, coaches wouldn’t feel the need to extend an offer to any high school player. They would just search the college transfer portal for future players.

In the world we live in today, perfect players do not exist, which is the main reason why you will see many high school prospects receive big-time offers based on their current skill set and potential. Can Ja’Monti Wright improve the holes in his game? Absolutely, but can the 6’2 athletic point guard explode up off the floor and score the basketball at a higher level than most? Absolutely, and because college coaches can already picture the kind of player that Ja’Monti Wright can be if he continues to work on his game, they are taking it upon themselves to take a chance on the talented guard.

We are ready for the rollercoaster ride and will follow Ja’Monti Wright along his journey.