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Overcome anxiety with this calming bedtime routine

Managing anxiety can prove difficult to many of those who are prone to it. Keeping anxious thoughts from racing through one’s mind is a challenge. But the good news is, it isn’t impossible. Ample sleep every night is a great way to curb anxiety symptoms and see a massive improvement in mental and physical health. To help you achieve this, we’ve come up with a calming bedtime routine that will send you straight to dreamland.

Decide on a sleeping schedule. Having the same bedtime every night is necessary for building good sleeping habits. Routinely going to bed at the same hour every night is comforting and rewarding if you stay consistent.

Keep the bedroom clutter-free. Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Seeing it in a state of chaos can be unnerving and uncomfortable. Make sure to keep everything in it organized and mess-free to create a boundary from anything that might catch unnecessary attention.

Slip into something cozy. Don’t go straight to bed in your full outdoor clothes. Get comfortable with a nice pair of pajamas, or whatever sleepwear you feel good in. When it comes to bedtime, cozy and comfy is key.

Scents to soothe the senses. Light up some scented candles with essential oils or spritz a room spray around. Soothing smells like chamomile, mint or lavender are calming and relaxing. This leads to a good night’s rest.

Mellow out with music. Soft music in the background like acoustic instrumentals or even your favorite slow tracks helps you sleep faster. Another way is to induce sleep hypnosis with artificial ocean sounds or the sound of rain pouring.